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3:02 p.m. - 2005-09-08

Four Holes-In-ONE!!!

I have returned back to the office after part of our "Staff Recreation Day" (see previous entry). We toured a local tourist spots (Craigderoch Castle), bag lunch in Beacon Hill (with a little game of Bocce on the side). Then we trekked off to Blenkinsop Mini-Golf for some mild entertainment. Where, I am proud to add, I managed to bag 4 hole-in-1's!! Yay for me! I've never done that before.

Now, I'm back at the office for .... I don't know why really ... I suppose I can say .... to update here on D-land, but in fact I have quite a lot of paper work to get off my desk before the weekend. This evening there are approximatley 60 of us gathering for dinner at a local restaurant. There aren't 60 of us on staff here at the chuch, however, one does feel obliged to invite the Elders of the church (The Elders are a group of men who govern the church in an administrative and visionary way - but are all volunteers). Since they are the ones that OK the bill, and our salaries.

I'll let you know how dinner goes. Chances are hubby and me will be sneaking out the door because neither one of us like large groups, even if it's for free food.

Cheers - LJ

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