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4:30 p.m. - 2005-08-31

Summer Is Almost Over - YUCK!!

Mid-week and almost on to a long weekend Ė WhewwWhoo!!. Life is getting very busy, and I canít believe itís almost September. Unfortunately ĖIíve already been dating documents September, instead of August, for several days already. Silly me.

The best part of this time of year is that all my favourite shows are returning. I can hardly wait. Can you tell Iím a child of the 60ís. In fact, Iím sure that if you looked back to entries written approximately a year ago now, I would have been saying the same thing. Talk about a broken record.

Shows that Iím excited to see return:

Gilmore Girls
Amazing Race
Survivor (although . . . . theyíve got to do something different this time)
Americaís Next Top Model (but I havenít heard anything about its return)
CSI (the original)
Los Vegas (They blew up the hotel in the last episode, how does one make a comeback?)

And Iím sure there are other shows - Iím just not in the TV groove yet. Iím sure thatís got to be a good thing. Or at least my husband would think it was a good thing.

Iíd like to take some night classes at the local recreation centre this winter, but I just donít know what. Iíd really like to try to get involved with a curling team (Iíve never curled before, but it sounds like fun), but it seems to be a dieing art. I have agreed to do some mentoring with our high school ministry. But that will only depend on if the young ladies that are leaders in our high school ministry want me. How could you not want this abundant package of love!!??!!

So, I am determined to do something that takes me off of the couch once in a while. Itís just too easy. Speaking of getting off the couch Ö has anyone seen a Nike (I think) commercial of a man that is trying to get off the couch to get more active and his couch attacks him and tries to keep him from leaving his apartment? Itís very funny. Iíd attach it here, but Iím not got anymore . . . alas . . .

Have a nice Wednesday evening! Blessings!

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