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1:45 p.m. - 2005-06-22

Me?? Anit-social... and wet feet

take the antisocial test.

and go to because laura's feeling social.

Thatís just a little bit of silliness to keep you on your toes.

I donít think Iím all that anti-social. I donít mind my own company, and generally would prefer to stay home than go Ďout on the towní. Although the occasional date with my husband wouldnít be turned down. But all in all, Iím a pretty quiet person.

On other fronts Ė Iíve reserved the Ďpanel vaní to make the arduous trek to Alberta to pick up some furniture from my mom. Weíll be leaving after the long weekend. One day drive there, one day there, and one day travelling home. Both ends of those day drives are very dependent on getting on the ferries. Those crazy, never to be trusted B.C. Ferries. Miss one ferry and it can screw up a whole days plans.

Speaking of Alberta Ö some of you may have heard about the terrible flooding problems that have been occurring around Calgary, Edmonton and some of the outlying towns. My momís town is one of the places that have seen evacuation. The population of this town is approximately 2,300, a small town to say the least. However, over the recent weekend they evacuated almost half the population, including my mom.

I spoke to her this morning to see if she (and her house) was all right. My 83-year-old mother laughingly tells me this story:

ďA friend of mine, who lives up on that hill over by the old sawmill, called me up to tell me that I could come and stay with her. I decided that that would be a good thing. Then when the fire department fellow came by to tell me that it was time to go I decided that I didnít want to miss out on any of the fun. I wanted to get evacuated to Oldís Agriculture College like everybody else! I didnít want to miss out on the action. This could be fun!!Ē

I was floored. My mom was on an adventure. She managed to get Ďevacuatedí on Saturday night, make it back to town on Sunday to get packed to take the bus out (from Oldís) on Monday morning to go Jasper to see what her new digs at the Lodge would look like. Phewwww . . . . .

Sheís a crazy woman. If Iíd have know sheíd become so alive over a move of this magnitude (out of her home of 30 years and into a Lodge in another town), then we should have moved her a couple of years ago.

To top all of this off she also informs me that sheís sold her house. All during the time that sheís been in Jasper.

I havenít a clue whatís coming next. All that I know is that Iíll be in her neck of the woods in about two weeks, and Iím positive Iíll have more stories to tell.

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