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5:34 p.m. - 2005-06-17

Being fired and out of style

When springtime comes I lament the loss of my favourite television shows. I put to bed for the season, all the shows I’ve faithfully watched since October, and begin to fill the void with more educational or creative ventures (read: crafting, readings). However, sometimes the ‘off’ season replacements prove to be equally entertaining and consuming.

Although the words “Reality TV” have become a bit of joke (what’s real about 16 people living all in an enclosed house and each week someone gets evicted?), I marvel at the creativity and attempts. The newest line that I’ve seen has been “Please – Fire me!”, and .

I find that I’m drawn to these new shows because I’m so tired of the same old format of Sitcoms, and I find most Legal drama’s banal (although, I continue to be a huge fan of CSI). I’m a sucker for a show that will make me laugh, and “Please – Fire Me” fits that bill. In fact, I’ve been seen to gregariously guffaw out loud! Not much does that – to that extent anyway.

Side note:What it reminds me of is back in my early 20’s when I jokingly decided that I was going to become such a bad employee that companies would pay me NOT to work for them. Sadly that dream has not been realized, nor will I gain such notoriety. Alas . . . It’s tough being a responsible goody-two-shoes!

So to some extent the contestants on “Please – Fire Me” are living out my dream. They are competing to be the worst employee’s deemed un-employable. All for the paltry sum of $25,000. It truly is amazing to what extreme someone will go to be obnoxious, without going to illegal lengths or asking specifically to be fired. If you get a chance to see this show – give up 30 minutes of your life for it. You may thank me later.

“The Cut” …. Well …. It’s just another example of prim Donna people who think they can Outwit, Out-Last, Out-play other prim Donna’s for a chance to be an Apprentice to Tommy Hilfiger for a year. The only difference being that they aren’t on an exotic island (they live in a trendy apartment in Soho), and they don’t hear “You’re Fired!” at the end of a tedious day – they hear “You’re out of Style!”

Yet – I still watch. What is wrong with me? Actually, by the end of my day, when I’m outta style – I like to kick back and watch someone else’s bad day.

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