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11:49 a.m. - 2005-05-27

Long weekends, Long weeks

I am sincerely touched by the responses I received from yesterday’s entry. Thank you one and all that sent e-mails, notes, or signed my Guestbook. I am a little overwhelmed with so many responses. Who’da thunk it?!?


Why is it that so called ‘short weeks’ (ie. the workweek following a long weekend), feel so long? It’s just not fair. We’re all dragging our feet around this office. Thankfully, I’ll be out of here by 1:30, at which time I’ll be taking the bus downtown to meet a friend.

This weekend is a big weekend for this city. We have an annual sailboat race called the “Swiftsure”. It also always coincides with the American long weekend (Memorial Day – what is Memorial Day celebrating or commemorating anyway?), so a lot of the competitors are up from the states.

Having long since moved away from doing anything in the downtown core, I try my hardest to avoid going anywhere near there during this particular weekend. It’s crazy!! The competitors are well behaved, but many of the youth grab this opportunity to party-hearty!! Thereby making the downtown inner harbour less than attractive.

I am, however, venturing downtown this evening to join a friend in the use of a gift certificate she received for “Darcy’s Pub”. Free food is always an added bonus. So we will gallantly battle the crowds of tourists and sailors for some fine taste of summer livin’ downtown Victoria style. As I said earlier – I rarely go downtown, but on this occasion I will try my best to enjoy myself, and soak in the sights and sounds.

AND we’ll both be doing this sans husbands. Whooppeee!!!

To all and any of my American friends – have a safe and fun weekend!

Cheers - LJ

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