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4:43 p.m. - 2005-05-16

Vanity and war

Iíve been waging a war. For three years now, Iíve been in the minefields of combat.

What, you may ask, is Muggy so battle weary of?

Vanity, absolute, unadulterated vanity! No really Ė Vanity. Capital ďV .. I .. NTY! You see, three years ago last March I got engaged (to T of course). Wanting, as most brides are, to be the prettiest girl at the festivities I made the decision to attempt a major feat Ė to make the leap from four eyes to two. To be more blunt Ė I didnít want to wear my glasses on my wedding day. I chose to try contact lenses.

Easy enough venture you might think. But in fact, my wedding day has come and gone to the tune of almost three years, and to date I have yet to find the right contact lens prescription. In fact, I have tried approximately 16 different lenses and prescriptions. I am way beyond skittish about poking my orbs with foreign materials.

I did manage to go spectacleless for our wedding, but Iím not entirely sure whom the tall blurry guy was at the top of the isle that took my hand. I going on faith that it was my wedding I was at, and it was Tís hand that held mine.

As soon as the wedding reception was over I quickly exchange eye wear to a more acceptable level of vision, my good old glasses.

Since then I have continued on the hunt for decent optical viewage. I had pretty much given up on the undertaking when, while on vacation, I tried another new pair of contacts. I could neither read a map in front of me, nor see the horizon in the distance. It was then I knew that I should just throw in the towel and give up the war. I tucked the failed contacts away. Recently, however, T suggested I try a different lens cleaning solution. Being one not to question a doctorís supposed authority and knowledge, it had never occurred to me to try a different solution. But also being a person who doesnít question a doctorís mastery and erudition I dropped in to his office and inquired. What I had hoped not to do was bother him (my longanimous side rearing itís ugly head). What the professional clerk did was take my file directly to the docí and ask. (My fear is that after 16 attempts at finding the right vision, my doctor would be entirely unimpressed that I was back again and decline any further assistance. Possibly recommending I take my file to another establishment.)

The clerk came back and recommended a different solution, as well as yet another set of contact lenses. I sighed a heavy sigh, nodded my consent to try this new direction, and left the office with trial cleaner in hand.

I have since received the new trial lenses, and to my shock and astonishment Ė I CAN SEE!!!

My clarity in vision has vastly improved (although still not as good as with my glasses), and I am mightily impressed. Iím not sure if this enterprise has come to a conclusion or not, but I am excited to be able to read a map, or see the distant horizon without crossing my eyes or squinting. Hurrahh!!

So I may have won the war, and I make a toast to vision!

Cheers - LJ

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