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11:10 a.m. - 2005-04-09

Light bulb thinking

Sometimes the nuerons in my brain just don't fire-off in sync. Sometimes it takes months of use for an idea to come together. Sometimes, I'm just plain dense.

I RECENTLY realized that I have some of my favourite reads posted on the sidebar, but that I was thinking like a D-lander. That my most favourite reads are within D-land, and that anyone visiting me from outside of D-land wouldn't know to go to my profile and see my D-land reads. (3 times in one sentence I've used the word D-land - that can't be good grammar).

Anyway - as you may notice I've changed my side bar to include my Diaryland pals, and I've headed it up "D-land Inspirations". They are, and for the most part - these reads keep me on the writing path of illumination.

So, with that, I chose to honour them today. Happy Reading!


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