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8:17 a.m. - 2005-03-30

Finally I can update

You must think that I have been absent from blogging. Far from it! In fact, daily I have tried to post here. Daily, I have been turned away from the cyber guards that keep my diary locked away from me.

I don't know what's going on ... but I don't like it. I have had major withdrawls. I suppose that shows my dependence on this man-made structure.

We had a busy, but nice Easter holiday. My husband is one of only two people who will do the sound board for our church morning services. And even with that he will be loosing his partner in sound to wedding bells and a move to the mainland (in May). So we had a relaxing day Friday before T took off to start the set-up for the Good Friday evening service.

Our Good Friday evening service was very special. A time for reflection, a time for contemplation, and a time to live in the confusion of the death of our Saviour. Not a confusion as to "why", but a confusion of mixed grief and joy as we look at the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ. He conquered death, and rose from the grave. Can I hear an "Amen" from you?!?

Saturday morning saw T getting out of bed early to go back to the church and the ensuing practice for Sunday morning worship. Sometimes it feels like we never leave this building. I too had some things to do around the church with regards to Sunday morning, so I gamely followed several hours later.

The afternoon was our own, and thankfully the sun chose it's time to defy the encroaching clouds, and peep it big beautiful head out. I had my first motorcycle ride for the season. T has been riding to work on occasion lately. It was just a short jaunt for us this day. The clouds and wind were quickly overtaking the warmth of the sun, and we returned to the cosiness that is our home and hearth.

Sunday saw both of us departing for church early. Not as early as some, who saw fit to rise in the wee wee hours to attend a 6am Sunrise Easter Morning Service. No – not we. Our unfavourable rising didn’t occur until closer to 8, when off to Easter Morning Service we went - T to attend to his soundboard, and I to attend to all things children.

I don’t know what overtook me after service, but I felt compelled to extend dinner invitations to my boss and her husband. T is more introverted that I am, and we would usually discuss hospitality matters more thoroughly before launching in. But something spoke deep into my heart that these people needed the diversion, and showing off my lacklustre cooking skills was in order.

I am fortunate in that both my hubby and myself are on very friendly terms with the boss and her Mr. Quite possibly that comes from working, living, breathing in a church community. These people aren’t just co-worker and Elder (a person who sits on a board to govern the church) - they are family. We wowed ’em with BBQ roast beef, baby carrots, slightly scorched scalloped potatoes, and burnt Yorkshire puddings. A hiss and hurrah all in one breath. Being polite company that ate everything without complaint. This is the kind of company I can handle, and are welcome in our home anytime. I have promised to re-attempt a meal without burnt offerings at some future date.

T and I both had Monday off as well – a lovely church, and government tradition. I do not believe I left my PJ’s and housecoat until well afternoon. Such joy this did bring me. We played oodles of Mario Party games, ate nothing healthy, and finally rousted our bodies out of the house later in the afternoon to take a drive out to Tanner’s Bookstore. Oh … to have loads of money to purchase books until our hearts are content (knowing full well that a full bookshelf does not make a heart content).

I came away with a new stamping magazine, and T came away (happily) unhampered with new reading material. He has too many on the go at the moment as it is.

This was our holiday Easter weekend in a nutshell. Getting back into the right mindset this week has been difficult. Yesterday was very confusing for me, and even now – on Wednesday – I am still working at maintaining my sanity (the little I have to work with) and gaining footing for the weekend ahead. ( I have a conference to attend on the mainland on Friday and Saturday. I will have to be up and out of the house well before 6am in order to catch the first ferry at 7am. Woe is me).

With that, I bid you adieu. I know not when I will be able to update. Entry is far too sporadic. Be that as it may, see you on the flip side!!

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