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4:27 p.m. - 2005-03-17

Top O' the . . . . afternoon?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you Irish (partial Irish or otherwise). I’m afraid the day gets a little lost on me. My concentrated efforts are generally poured into March 16, and not the 17th.

Speaking of the 16th (my poorly places segue) – I want to thank all of you who dropped by and left me good wishes. I am such a comment fiend that I’ll do just about anything to get noticed (here). I was very pleased to see so many of you remember . . . . like you had a chance to forget!

Thinking back to yesterday, and before I move on to what I got up to, did anyone notice that the first of the two Left Brain/Right Brain quizzes I did came out rather oddly. But then again, it is I of whom I speak – odd is synonymous with this LJ.

I digress . . . .

Did anyone notice that there are two percentage points missing? I’ve been thinking about that and I have come to the conclusion that those two cells are what have been giving me grief. I really wish they’d show up for work! It explains so well why I haven’t been functioning on full speed, and am in desperate need of a nap during the afternoons. I KNOW it has nothing to do with my age.

Speaking of my age … (another poor segue), yes – I did in fact celebrate a birthday yesterday. When I arrived home after work I was greeted at by my door with a lovely homemade carrot cake. Beautifully decorated and sitting grandly in a glass cake stand and cover. My Word!!! What a thoughtful, kind, wonderful, loving gesture. Someone who has wiggled her way deep into my heart has been very kind to me this year.

After work, and once I got home (a mere 3 minutes apart) I thought I would entertain myself and play a quick game of “Animal Crossing” on our Gamecube. This is a semi sim game – with the simple difference of using animals, and not people. However, once in the game I was rushed at my cyber-front door with fellow inhabitants of “Mugwhump” (can you guess where I got the town name?) with birthday wishes and prezzies. How cool is that?

Ok, so maybe I’m the only one who finds that fun.

I didn’t play for long until the husband (that is to say the real life guy I married. My Animal Crossing character is still unwed) came home and we agreed upon where to dine. We had an ok meal at the Keg (not my first choice, but first place with available parking). Did you know that the waiters and waitress’ are no longer allowd to sing to you on your birthday? They can give you free cake, but they can’t sing “happy birthday”. What’s the dealio with that? The Keg is probably the first place (in Canada) that sang to you for your birthday. Oh yes, it is embarrassing. And oh yes, you often tried to hide the fact of a birthday. But to ban the singing celebration of a birthday! That’s just wrong!!!

I turned down the cake too.

My wonderful hubby actually remembered that my birthday cake of choice is Carrot. So he dutifully went off to Safeway and bought half of carrot cake. Ingenious of Safeway to sell round cakes like that. But he did not stop there. No he also bought a half cake of Black Forrest cake (his favourite). Needless to say, for two people who are attempting to watch what they’re eating . . . we having a lot of cake in our house.

We came home from the Keg, turned on the telly to watch Survivor, and enjoyed our respective cakes. I think the sugar woke up the 2% missing brain cells and they kept me up all night. Which might explain their absence today.

(Don’t worry Laura-Jane – your marvellous give will not go un-et. That, I promise you.)

Cheers - LJ

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