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10:13 a.m. - 2005-03-13

Motorcycles and spring

I had a lovely sunny Saturday yesterday. A friend picked myself and another friend up to drive out and see some property they are looking to buy. What a beautiful piece of property too. New subdivisions are popping up everywhere, and some, like this one, have lovely water views. What never ceases to amaze me is that people will pay $300,000 for a small (1/4 acre) lot. Just a lot – that doesn’t even include the house that will need to be built on it.

The lot that we looked at was far less pricey, but IF it goes through, my friends will be very happy there, and will probably build a smaller house than is the norm.

Once home again I found that my husband had gone out to run an errand. I KNEW what that errand was, and it wasn’t buying me a big present for my birthday. No, it was a “Hello Spring!” gift for himself. His annual trek to buy motorcycle insurance to put his bike on the road again. Which means – prepping and preening his 3 year old Yamaha FZ1, until it’s purring engine and sleek black body are ready for the road.

The one ritual that has been understood between us is that the very first ride on it is done solo by T. I know that this is his yearly bonding with bike moment. And to be perfectly honest – I know what speeds he gets up to on it, and I’d just as soon stay home anyway. He always comes home satiated, and now we can enjoy the rest of the biking season together.

I, on the other hand, took advantage of this time to do a little weeding outside, and a little crafting inside. I to am satiated and am ready to embrace spring to its fullest! I’m sure that as spring moves into summer, and summer into fall I will have a bevy of stories to share with you (sans “Gold” status pictures).

I hope that anyone who reads this entry today, and isn’t experiencing spring like we are – don’t hate us. The weather will all even out in the wash, and you too will be enjoying spring to its fullest soon enough.

Cheers – LJ

Three more days . . .:-)

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