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9:24 a.m. - 2005-03-02

Trojan Condoms don't mean sex

Creative juices are not flowing these days. To much is going on at work and too little sleep at night. Neither my husband nor I are sleeping very well. I NEED to be in bed by 10, even if I read for thirty minutes. But lately we’ve either stayed up until 11 to watch something on TV (read: a new season of Amazing Race – Rob and Ambah must go), or I stay up reading until I finish that darn book.

I am happy to say I finally finished “Trojan Odessy” by Clive Cussler. Another instalment in the “Dirk Pitt”(registered trademark) adventures.

Funny story here - A couple of weeks ago I was going over my grocery receipt from Safeway. I was doing a little comparison-shopping, but I ALWAYS find that Safeway is more expensive. (I really don’t know why I shop there other than it’s the closest, largest grocery to us). I also like to check the receipt to make sure they’ve charged me for the right item.

As I looked over the bill, I saw that they broke items into categories, i.e. bakery, deli, taxable sundries, etc. Well under the “Taxable Sundries” I see that it says “Trojan O…….. $11.99”. My first thought was … what is “Trojan O?”. I didn’t by anything called a Trojan!! . . .

!!!!Oh wait!!!! – they charged me for Trojan Condoms instead of something else.

“Honey! Look at this. Safeway charged me for condoms.” I bellow down the hall to me sweety.

“I didn’t buy Condoms. We don’t need Condoms. I’d better go down there and talk to these people. Honey – you go down and talk to them. I don’t want to discuss condoms with our grocery people.” I say as hubby and I meet in the hall to look at the receipt together.

He laughed and said “You made the purchase – you go talk to them. Are you sure it is condoms? Trojan Condoms probably run about that price . . . I think … I don’t know. I’ve never bought . . .” his voice trails off.

Well, I was in a quandary. I didn’t really want to go confront our grocery people over condoms. That’s the seriously passive person in me. But 12 bucks is 12 bucks – that’s equal to at least 2 bags of cookies, or a good magazine!

WAIT!!! That’s it!!!! Light bulb goes off in brain – the new book I bought is called Trojan Odyssey, and it would be classified as a taxable sundry. Confrontation is averted.

Loud, long belly laughs are emitted from hubby’s body. Long, sharp dagger looks are emitted from wife’s body language.

Now – weeks later, I can laugh at the situation. And I’m glad to say I used my Trojan wisely!

Post script: I realized today that in two weeks I will be having a birthday. Now, usually I'm not one to go around telling everyone, but I've decided that I'm in dire need of some snail-mail loving (snail-mail that is not a bill, or the nearest pizza place). If you are so inclined I would absolutely LOVE to receive a birthday card from you. I'd love you even more if you put money in it, but I realize that would be pusing our relationship a little. So - IF - you would like to I'll give you part of a mailing address. If you've been a keen reader here you'll know which part of the world I live in, but the other part would be in care of 1790 Feltham Road, V8N 2A5. If you don't know which part of the world I live in and would still like to share in the goodwill please send me an e-mail, or leave a comment and I'll respond.

That's not too 'pimpin' is it?

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