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4:39 p.m. - 2005-02-25

A sad, sad night in televion land

We had a quiet evening last night. Thursday’s are our favourite night to relax and watch TV. I had been thinking about it all day (yes – sometimes I exist in a very small world). I have been savouring the thought of the hubby and I cuddled on the couch, warm, cozy, and relaxed. Ready to watch our best-liked show line up – Survivor and CSI.

Ah, yes . . . this was the night.

However, the cable company had something quite different in mind. At exactly 8:03pm dark falls across my vision. The snowy flecks of black and white are awash on my TV screen.

The cable was down!

Panic rose in my throat. Thoughts of a casual evening dashed against the angry storm beaten rocks. How do people do it? How do people live without cable? How do people live without television?

Desperately I call the number one house on my Survivor fan friends list – no answer. I knew they were sitting there all comfy and self-preservationist in the “Don’t bother me, don’t you know I’m watching Survivor? I can’t possibly answer the phone!!” thinking. I left a frantic, mumbled message of “HELP!”

Number two friend is quickly dialed. Again with the answering machine. What??? Do these people not have call display? Does their ringer not call out with extra ‘brrrrinnngggg, brrrrinnnggg’ knowing the urgency of my need? Do these people actually have lives outside of their houses in the evenings?

Again I find myself leaving a disturbing, potentially delusional phone message.

My mind races – who to call next . . . . Alright, I know who!! (Lightbulb glows brightly over my head), and dial I do number three acquaintance. Ring ….. ring ….. ring …. “Hello you’ve reached seven four fou . . . . . . “, again I leave a slightly lackluster message of yearning.

My hoped for evening was passing me by. Our cuddle turned into T doing taxes in the other room and me laying on the couch reading, while leaving the TV on mute . . . just in case.

8:30 . . . .

No cable.

9:05 . . . .

Still no cable.

9:40 and still no fluid blur to fill my visual senses.

I slowly lug my downcast body towards the computer in hopes of losing myself in the bliss of computer generated games. (Jewel Quest rocks!!). I while away the next 30 minutes on other mindless internet gaming to realize it is now time to take to my bed. I face it – I am a TV junkie, and I’ve just missed my hit.

One last time I try the television, my hand reaches for the remote. With trepidation my thumb presses the power button … with the cable still be off? Will we ever have cable television again? Can I live with one station? One station that is not clear, nor does it carry any of my deeply loved programs?

Click . . . .

Bless my soul! Our cable has returned!! But our viewing hours are over as well as the two shows I waited with bated breath to watch. Now we are faced with re-runs until May sweeps. How can I ever view cable in the eye again? At least we’ll still tomorrow.

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