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10:58 a.m. - 2005-01-28

Random thoughts and pens

As yesterday was rather Ö multi levelled for me Ö Iím glad itís over. There was a lot going on, and for some weird reason, I feel like I can now move on. Somewhat like I feel after Christmas and New Years Ö only different.

As I glance over a years worth of entries (201 now) I see that life has been far from dull. And itís been rather interesting to have some people tag along, either for the full year, or jumping in along the way. Iíve learned much about myself, my God, my faith community out there, and about you Ė many of you I wouldnít not hesitate to call friend. My life is much richer for it.

I find it strange that I feel I have a living, breathing html community here - a community that many of the day-to-day people around me are relatively unaware of. Including my husband. It almost feels like a double life.

(Side note: T knows I have a blog, but does not visit. Iím not sure why, I never put anything here that he canít read. Although, there was that one time Ö but I deleted it. I think thatís the one entry that stopped him from popping in occasionally. He is however, always welcome.)

Iíd like to think that over this past year my writing skills have improved. There are so many wonderful writers out there. I often feel that I am totally out of my depth, and do not, even now, count myself as being one of them. But I have been challenged to write better, think more clearly, express myself concisely, and push myself onwards. I have loved my experience here at D-land. I have loved feeling that I have a spot to call my own; to write my thoughts, to occasionally spew if needed (many of you may very well be waiting for my James Dobson/Spongebob retribution entry Ė but thatís yesterdays news), but also to dialogue with other people. That has been my greatest joy.

I read an awesome (new to me) blog this morning. Constantly has a wonderful story to tell about her friend Duane, and I have already sent off two pens to her. Take a moment and read what she has to say. In a world that struggles with indifference and tolerance Ė sheís making a difference. We can all make a difference. How about you?

Blessings - LJ

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