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3:09 p.m. - 2005-01-27



This is my triumphant 200th entry, as well as being the 1st anniversary on Diaryland!!! Iím so terribly excited, but Iím sure that wasnít apparent at all. (Blush)

Iím back from my physical, but I still have to return tomorrow to discuss the blood test results. I am greatly relieved though. My poor doctor walks in to start the exam Ė there I am in one of the stupid, fashionably un-correct blue gowns Ė which I might had to be down up (but not down up) in the front. Talk about total exposure to the elements.

But I digress Ö.

I say Ďpoor doctorí because the moment she walked into the room I burst into a flood of tears. I was unbelievable freaked out. But, bless her soul, she talked me down off the ceiling and explained every procedure calmly first before launching in. And even then she reassured me that I didnít have to do any of it. I so appreciate her.

She also explained a little bit about the result of the blood tests, and barium swallow. There was nothing to be too terribly concerned about. However there were a few things to be aware of. I have high cholesterol (which I suspected anyway given the way my husband chooses to eat, and I - showing no discipline Ė foolishly follow). The barium swallow didnít show anything strange about swallowing, but did show up a hiatus (sp?) hernia. Which, Iím told is very, very common, and easily kept under control.

There was another part to the whole exam, but I refuse to discuss here. Too personal, and you women Ė you already know what Iím talking about.

I feel much better, and wish to thank all of you how prayed and/or sent kind wishes. I found this whole experience very anxious, but knowing that some people where out there thinking of me gave me some peace of mind. I am not concerned about tomorrow re-run visit, but an extra prayer or two canít hurt.

Big time blessings in your directions!!! - LJ

P.S. Happy 83rd MOM! Even though I know you don't own a computer, know what to do with one or turn it on. I hope it was a good day!

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