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1:54 p.m. - 2005-01-24

Number 199

Seriously!! If you read my last entry you’ll see that I warned you!!! I’m cramming entries to make my 1st anniversary/200th entry by Thursday. I think I’m only at 189 so I gots sum writin’ to doo!

It’s Monday, and I’m feeling pretty good about my week really. Other than my heart feels like its going to hammer right out of my chest, but then again, that is the reason for last weeks test and this weeks physical.

I have a movie recommendation for you. You can always tell when the hubby and I go to the rental place together. Last nights selection was Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Dreamkeeper, and Joe Somebody.

Can you see the extreme opinions in movies here? Can you tell which movie(s) were my choice? Actually, the only one we didn’t get to, but will be watching tonight, and was my only choice, is Joe Somebody. It was a recommendation from a co-worker, as a clean-cut comedy, so that was my pick.

Resident Evil was not my first choice, nor would it have been my 500th choice (you note I gave it some leeway).

Dreamkeeper on the other hand …. was also NOT my choice. My hubby kept trying to sell me on the “it’s a relationship movie. You like relationship movies!” line. I knew why he wanted to see it – it was about Indians. He’s ¼ Mette, and so has a natural inclination to want to know more. That and he said to me earlier in the day that he wanted to rent some old ‘spaghetti western’ type movies – this was the closest he could find.

I have to tell you – this is a beautiful movie. Truly spectacular, and well worth the 3 hours you give up to watch it. If you’re looking for a movie that will appeal to both sexes – this might be it. Very clean, no violence specifically (one little warring tribes scene), and the Grandfather knows how to play a funny straight man. He had some real zingers. GO RENT THIS MOVIE!!

Well, I said way more than I had intended. What will I do for an encore?

Entry Number #199. Eleven more to go by Thursday.


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