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8:08 a.m. - 2005-01-23

Random acts of musing

These are some of the things that are on my mind this morning (7:30am Sunday, from my cubicle at the church office).

---This Thursday is my mom’s 83rd birthday. Other than my usual homemade card – what do you get an 83 year old that you’re not going to get back after she dies? ( I know that sounds morbid, but you haven’t seen her house)

---We’re short handed for Small Group Leaders in our Sunday morning kids program due to illness, school, and other random acts. We desperately need to recruit – how to do this?

---Why am I at church earlier on a Sunday morning than I am the rest of the week?

---I gave a birthday card to a friend yesterday who just happens to own the store where I am a frequent visitor. He liked my card so much he says I should teach some classes for them. If I did, what would I teach?

---My coffee doesn’t taste nearly as good as I needed it too this morning.

---When do I take my Sabbath?

---How do I take my Sabbath?

---I’ve got to get another edition of our Family and Children’s Ministry newsletter (The Umbrella) together and out there in two weeks. I need articles, puzzles, safe websites, and family/parenting stories …. Must spend more time on internet …

---Lady boss and 4 others are off to Ethiopia next weekend for 10 days on a fact finding mission for Canadian Food for the Hungry. Must remember to pray for safety, health, and endurance. I wish I were going.

---I have 12 more entries to make my 200th, AND the 27th is my first anniversary on D-land. Can I make it? I don’t think so, but not in a covetous way.

---I really really really want to get an entry out about the recent controversy over Spongebob Squarepants. I disagree totally with Mr. James Dobson (of Focus on the Family), and feel that his findings are inaccurate and unfounded. How can I write it diplomatically?

Well – that about sums up what’s floating around in my head this morning. I came in way to early, but since I only live next door …

Happy Sunday everyone – Blessings - LJ

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