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2:08 p.m. - 2005-01-17

Stuff and nonsense

Second post in one day! -Whewww whoooo!!! If you didn’t check it out please do so. I posted a fun little survey. You could almost say … the ABC’s of surveys.

It snowed again Saturday night. I even managed to get my husband out for a walk in it. Phewww! But that’s it – I want my regular Victoria winter back. Green grass, above zero temperatures … Who am I kidding, we’ve still got the best darn winter in Canada. That’s my humble opinion.

Now it’s Monday, and we’re getting rain, rain, rain with a projected high this week of 10 degree’s Celsius. A co-worker tells me that her Snow-drop’s (a type of crocus) are already popping up in her garden. I’m getting my wish.

As stated in a previous entry I was off to see my Doctor on Friday afternoon. At 42 I’m really beginning to realize I am not immortal and important parts of me are falling apart. You would’ve thought that I would clue into this earlier - like in my 30’s. Six months before turning 30 the grey hairs started in, in leaps and bounds. I had to wear glasses for the first time. Hair started to appear in place that I do not believe hair should ever grow! Now, ten plus years later the re-initiation of my dawning has clocked back in.

Over the last couple of years the migraines have been getting worse and worse – that should be Sign 1. Sign 2 - is that I’ve been having problems swallowing certain foods; chicken, bread, and now rice. (I’ve booked an appointment to have a barium swallow test – ewwwww yuk! - for this Friday morning (that should be an interesting post.) Sign 3 – pre-menopausal symptoms (I won’t go into those). Sign 4 – probably high blood pressure – something like 154 over 140 – is that so bad? And finally (although I somehow don’t think this is all that final) Sign 5 – my doctor looked me square in the eyes and said “You are well past the time of a ‘full’ physical, book it for two weeks from now”, but before that happens I have to get thyself to a clinic and have every body fluid taken from my body for testing. If I survive January, it will be a miracle.

But I really won’t bore you with more. Lets just say that reading about what’s going on in all of your lives is fair more fun than thinking about what’s going on in mine.

Cheers - LJ

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