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4:36 p.m. - 2005-01-05

Tripping the Light Fantastic

I suppose it’s time I started to get back into routine. I’ve had a few days since holidays, and I’m still procrastinating with my blog. Please forgive me. Today I found the time to read some of the diaries I’ve been missing. And I must admit that each time I approached writing my own entries … I balked. My mood was never right. I kept feeling like I HAD to make an entry. I really wanted to approach this year on new legs. With a better outlook, you know?!?

However, after reading a note left for me by Josquin, and then reading some funny ‘rants’ by Kristin I found I could laugh again, and share the joys that help one to trip the light fantastic!

In answer to Josquin’s question “What exactly does the talking cookie jar say?” (See previous entry) here is what my brand new talking Spongebob Squarepants cookie jar phrases are:

THAT FELT GREAT!! I feel empowered!

Hey kids! Check this out!

Don’t be shy, come on!

Ewwwww … it’s all so good!

That was delicious!

Are your READY TO ROCK!!!

And my personal favourite …

Ohhhh …. You crack me up! Bahhahahah, Bahahahaha!!!

I must admit that I will probably never put a cookie into this cookie jar. Not because I don’t eat cookies. The opposite is held very true. And not because I do not wish to tarnish this collectable memorabilia – it came from Wal-Mart – what could be ‘collectable’ about that?

No, I will not be putting cookies in my new Spongebob Squarepants cookie jar because this jar has a hair trigger AND IT YELLS EACH PHRASE WITH SUCH GUSTO THAT I’M SURE …. It can be heard on the mainland. T told me that he had a heck of a time with it when he purchased it. He was trying to quietly go about some Christmas shopping and his parcel kept yelling at him. He is a very private man and does not take kindly to being the object of such unusual attention. T confessed to me after opening the gift that he was concerned I would take up the ritual of shaking my Christmas gifts before the appointed day. Thus potentially giving away the secret so lovingly purchased and wrapped.

That is the story of my most unusual, unexpected, unasked for Spongebob Christmas gift. I had asked for one Spongebob item, and that was a metal wastebasket that I’d seen. I needed a new wastebasket for my craft room - really! Still, somehow T managed to find two different one, and bought them both. The only other SS items T gave me (no one else would) was the new GameCube game based on the movie.

And in regards to Kristin, just go read her. She cracks me up – bahahahahah, bahahahaha ….

Cheers - LJ

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