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10:59 a.m. - 2004-12-30

A little of this, a dash of that.

Well, dear readers, what a week in the annals of history for this little earth. While we on the North American continent sit in front of our computers, or fires (whichever) contemplating Christmas – past, present, future – many, many hearts are grieving for the loved ones lost in the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Thailand and area.

I came into work this morning to do my 3-hour shift for the week, to hear that the death toll is now up to and over 100,000 lives. We can only hope and pray that 2005 will be a rebuilding year in hearts and home.

I’ve spent my morning, so far, catching up on diary entries. We’ve all been on a little hiatus it seems. Which, of course, is all good. The one thing that I enjoy the most about reading these blogs is that it reminds me that life goes on, and is much bigger than I. (not that I really had any misconceptions before – but sometimes I need refresher courses). I count it an honour and a privilege to read some, particularly ones that are locked. What have I done to deserve that? And count it a greater privilege to comment, or leave my mark (I have never been, nor ever will, be rude or disparaging in my remarks – its just not in me). This is a promise to you.

I’m a bit scattered today, and therefore my entry is a bit scrambled. I’m sorry for that. I have enjoyed my time off this week, and have not felt guilty about not updating. Hubby and I had a lovely Christmas, and have been enjoying quality, quiet time together. And – yes – to all who may have wondered – I have a few more “Spongebob Squarepants” items to add to my list of acquisitions. Again, I want to affirm to you that it is not I who asks for these things, but my hubby who feels he’s found a safety net of assured gift giving. Can anyone use a talking cookie jar?

I wish you all a safe and blessed New Year. May God’s light shine brightly on and through you all.

Cheers - LJ

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