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9:53 a.m. - 2004-11-29

Ahead of my time

Where to begin . . . where to begin . . . .

I read Laura-Jane’s entry first thing this morning, and I totally am on board with her Christmas sentiment (particularly the “Festivus” part). I find that the older I get the more I resist Christmas, or at least all the craziness, and ‘must do’s’ that accompany this time of year. It’s not even December yet (two days to go) and there was T and I putting up our outdoor Christmas lights. What’s with that? We seem to be unintentionally on the ball this year.

First, as stated in a previous post – I have all my Christmas cards made, just not posted yet. That absolutely MUST not happen before December 1st.

Then the lights being all up and lit and ready to go – before December 1st. That’s just plain wrong!

THEN, as I so merrily baked 7 dozen butter tarts last week for a Christmas Bake Exchange, to be swapped – what I thought was – yesterday – November 28th. I failed to read the larger than life, bold red on green, bigger than Texas print, which clearly stated – “come by on Sunday DECEMBER 5th”. I left my crafting post yesterday afternoon, goodies in hand, ready to exchange sweet for sweet – to be greeted at my friends door with a stunned expression. No more stunned than I was when I realized my mistake.

And to top this Mother of all Christmas Sundae’s off – I’m not even “IN” the Christmas spirit yet. And I’m not sure I will ever make it. I will blink December away, and wake up on January 2nd wondering what the heck happened.

This isn’t fair. I want the wonder and excitement back that I once felt as a kid. I saw a glimpse of that when we went to see “The Polar Express”. Had it been snowing (in Victoria – HA!) when we’d come out of the theatre I would be singing Christmas Carols, and wearing red and green Christmas earrings right now. But alas, even that fleeting emotionalism depleted quickly.

What gets you into the “Christmas Spirit”? Or is it something you fight with every fibre of your being? Inquiring minds want to know.

Cheers - LJ

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