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9:29 a.m. - 2004-11-15

Beyond understanding

Someone needs to help me out here. Someone needs to help me understand Youth (pre-teen/teen) today. The things that they get up to today, simply boggles my mind. Ill give you three examples and you tell me:

1) Skate-boarders the ramps and cement stairs around the church are enticing gems for these guys (and skate boarding Gals, I suppose). To which, in the middle of the night, they come with lawn chairs, beer, and cement to make concrete that they lay down on our walkways to make smoother ramps for them to better gain access to handrails. This occurred three times over the summer, and twice last week.

(We have repeatedly chopped up their efforts, turned off exterior water supplies, and tried to make it as difficult as possible for them to repeat these illegal acts.)

2) The public bathroom a constant supply of never ending joy to these young miscreants. First off the urge they have to throw anything and everything non-flushable into the toilet. This morning I went to use the facilities and found a disposable cup (for coffee) and a straw sitting in the toilet bowl. This is, of course, after something just like this happening over the weekend and consequently breaking the other toilet in the cubicle.

This next example really pushed me over the limits:

3) Some young future felon decided that it would be worthy and fun to dip into the toilet bowl after hed defecated in it, pick up his own excrement and smear it all over the walls of the cubicle he used.

I understand teenage rebellion - I was a teenager once myself. Really I was. I spent time with kids who egged cars (once) on Halloween. I drank and got drunk before I was legal age (ok, more that once). I snuck out of the house after mid-night to meet up with friends. I picked vegetables out of gardens that I didnt plant (at 4am). But basically I never did anything harmful or gross to anyone.

Can anyone explain the above wanton desires to me? Not the ones I mentioned that I did, but the 2004 version of teen angst. Anyone??

Please look at this as my rant for the week. This entry/weekend follows a long winded, mis-directed e-mail from our head facilities guy to myself and my Team Leader. He did not take 24 hours to process the disaster he fell upon, but chose to strike out inappropriately, and at the wrong people.

This is the way Im starting my week. How about you?

Cheers - LJ
Positive Post-script - I did completely finish 53 Christmas cards over the weekend. Yay Me! Now, on to the list of recipients and aplicable letters. Me thinks I will need to make more cards. :-)

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