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10:01 a.m. - 2004-11-14

Quiet weekend

What was intended to be a “Matinee” Saturday turned out to be a crafting day. T got busy with stuff at the church, so I got busy with my Christmas card making. I’m so pleased! Making great headway. I hope this afternoon, this rainy, dreary, overcast, windy Sunday afternoon I will continue with making Christmas cards. As of last night I had 42 completed.

Note to all you card making crafters: I propose that if you are a card making Queen (or King) we exchange cards this year. I’ll send you one of my hand made cards, and you can send me one of yours. Send me an e-mail, or leave me a note and we’ll exchange snail mail addresses. I think this same idea was proposed a couple of years ago with Laura-Jane. She is a true crafting Queen!!

Otherwise the last few days have been relatively uneventful. Which is fine by me. However, the Christmas crush is just around the corner. I can already feel it in the stores. I suppose our society had driven what the stores portray. Or is it the other way around?

I must go. I've got children to corral, and parents to chat with.

Cheers and blessings - LJ

P.S. Saw this sign which I'd like to post in our church - "Children who are left unattended and running with be towed away at owner's expense!"

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