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8:53 a.m. - 2004-11-09

The Daily Grind

T and I have been back from holidays for a little over two weeks, and I’ve had the hardest time getting back up to speed. I had realized while I was away just how busy we’d been, and how flyin’ we were. Now back to reality, I don’t wish to attain the same heights, but do need to pick up the pace.

While we were away we had out little house re-roofed. Our landlord had been told by the roofer in the summer that the little house should have been re-roofed in 1987. That’s 17 years past the due date. No wonder it was leaking and cold. I’m glad they were able to re-roof while we were away (I do however, pity the people who were kind enough to house sit for us), although they (the roofers) made quite the mess of our yard, and in particular – thrashed my garden. Most of which has past its prime, but I always feel a little sadder in fall when the garden looks lost and lonely.

Life back at work is full steam ahead. T - back up to his neck in research and development. Me – knee high with needs for our pre-school age group and neck deep in Christmas plans.

Christmas – roughly 6 weeks away!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. I’m still trying to adjust to a wet fall. T is a last minute Christmas shopper, and I do mean LAST minute. You can be sure to find him out shopping for Christmas during the last few shopping hours of December 24th. Talk about abhorring planning!

I on the other hand shop as I go. If I see something that someone would like, I buy it. In fact (and shhhh don’t tell T), I’ve already got the things that he’s been asking for. But actually, since we had a fine financially irresponsible trip to Disneyland, we both realize this year will be a slim Christmas. Which is fine by me, less thinking and planning to do.

Speaking of planning – I’m so excited – I started making my Christmas cards on Sunday!!! Yippee, Yay, Yahoo!!! This project is something that I’ve done for over ten years now. A project that as October approaches I begin to panic that I won’t be done by Christmas. This year was no exception, particularly with having a holiday smack-dab in the middle of my usual ‘Christmas crafting’ binge. Thankfully – I’m well underway. Fifty cards should only take me a couple of weeks. But then there’s all that writing – oh I just depressed myself.

On that note I will sign off.

Cheers and smiles - LJ

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