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11:53 a.m. - 2004-11-07

Lost film found

Greetings fellow travellers. I have now found, and scanned the lost roll of film from our holidays. These pictures are meant to go in the last entry, sorta. They are from our visit deep in the Redwood forest of Northern California, an a little of the Oregon coast.

I like these trees they make me look much smaller.

This is the picture I told you about that had fallen many many years ago. Theres my T he looks so tiny against the backdrop of what had once stood as a mighty Redwood.

Here he is standing in the base of the previous pictures tree. Can you imagine the size of this? To touch this tree you would think it had fallen just yesterday. The hardiness of it is amazing. They could probably still cut this into many thousands of board feet of lumber and the wood would be just as strong as it had been when it was standing tall.

At one tourist trap, oh I mean stop we had the opportunity to pay $1.50 and drive out van through this tree. The sign on the left reads

Shrine Drive-through-Tree
Age 3,000 years
Height 275 feet
Diameter 21 feet
Circumference 64 feet
Myers Flats, California

In the gift shop (loosely I call it that) they had pictures of other passer-bys that had stopped for the same experience we had just taken. Some pictures dated back to the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I would guess that with the onslaught of each new age of vehicle that they would have to carve a little more away from the opening. From the pictures on their walls you could tell that each new generation of car was larger, and larger. Poor tree on display like that! Showing off all its wears, not able to keep any secrets.

Then on to the Oregon coast. As I had said in earlier entries, I found the Oregon coast just beautiful. These pictures just dont do it justice.

The waves were immense. The sound reaching the beach was almost deafening.

And with this last one we bid the coast adieu. The beauty and splendour that is all around us is so important to take in.

I have another entry already started on my life and times since returning for holidays, but before posted it I thought I should finish up the tales I had started.

Thanks to all for you who had left kind notes. It brings me great pleasure to know that other people had enjoyed reading and viewing some of what Id seen.

Cheers and blessings - LJ

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