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9:55 a.m. - 2004-09-27

Movie reviews and more

T and I went to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” on Saturday (ohh date night with the hubby!!). We had initially thought we would go see “Hero”, but I am glad to say T’s attention got shifted and I’ve been saved.

It’s not that I have anything against martial arts movies; in fact, in the right frame of mind I can truly enjoy the grace and beauty of its movements. But when its in a movie, with subtitles, and a storyline that does not endear me . . . . my viewing eyes and senses would rather be filled with other content.

So it was with gladness in my heart we tromped off to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”. It was a wonderful throwback to the movies of the 30’s. Sepia tones overriding the traditional black and white, with female character’s speaking in clipped yet slightly lazy sensual tones - male character’s ever ready with a cheesy quip. In general it was a refreshing change from today highly explosive (literally), fast paced action.

But then again the reason I have been seeing those “highly explosive, fast paced” movies is because that is all that I can drag T out to see on our rare cinematic outings. I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER cajole him out to see anything remotely involving the phrase “Chic-flick”. This one dared to come close, but I’m still in the safe zone due to its clever fight scenes and robots.

Otherwise we had a ‘usual’ weekend. Back to normal for Sunday’s – church all morning, recuperate all afternoon. But I’m not complaining, I have a new energy for my work, and an excitement that has been lost over the last year or two. And as I have been quoted to say before ‘ God is good all the time. All the time God is good!!

I can’t wait for November – Spongebob gets his first big screen adventure, and Bridget Jones continues her romantic escapades with the sequel to “Bridget Jones’ Diary” with “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”. I’m so excited – now I just have to find someone to go with. . . .

Cheers - LJ
P.S. - I forgot to tell you about our exploits Saturday morning - running errands on the motorcycle. Not highly recommended if you plan on purchasing anything. I did manage to score something that I've been looking for for a very long time. A coffee grinder with a well and a timed grinder. Up until Saturday we were only finding what we wanted in the $80 - $150 range, but suprise and behold we found exactly what I wanted in Zellers for $15. Time will tell if we should have purchased the more expensive models. For now . . . . I'm deliriously happy with our new little aquisition. Happy wife means happy husband.

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