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4:23 p.m. - 2004-09-04

Looking at stuff

Phewww, and another busy week is over - and a glorious long weekend has begun. We have no big plans for this weekend, which is just as well. I’m looking forward to doing some sleeping-in, some reading, and quite possibly some crafting. We’ll see how the last one enfolds. But for now I’m waiting for a girlfriend to come pick me up so we can go window-shopping. No – not shopping for windows, but the beautiful craft of that only women can properly take to task – looking at stuff! Sometimes one just needs to look at stuff to feel like one has regained touch with ones inner woman.

T on the other hand is very dubious that ‘looking’ is all I’ll do. I will endeavour to prove him wrong!

Regarding my “to do” list from work … there is not a single item that even came close to seeing a pencil or pen point stroke it’s surface. After a meeting filled Tuesday (which created most of the ‘to do’ list for the most part), I was determined to begin the process of accomplishment on Wednesday. Little did I know that my boss would sweep in and declare “We’re going shopping today!! Rise up from your cubicle and office supplies stores we will maraud!” And off we went, searching for the perfect conference table, ideal desk and accompanying chair - all on a tight budget.

An old saying comes to mind when I venture out to spend other peoples money (and my own as well), that I have “Champagne taste on a beer budget”.

Needless to say, as we wearily trudged back to the church (late into the afternoon) having achieved our mission of purchasing the desired commodities. The good thing about all this busyness is that it is all in the name of my job, and there is no one to accuse me of slacking off because my boss was the one directing my path (and she bought me lunch!!).

THAT of course was only Wednesday – Thursday and Friday were madly trying to re-coup what tasks had gone array, but did not include the infamous ‘to do’ list. I don’t want to even think about next week. I want to relax and enjoy a long weekend. Even if the do call it Labour Day.

Cheers – LJ

Post script – I proved my husband wrong. My girlfriend and I made no frivolous purchases with the exception of lunch. “Looking at stuff” was wonderful!! Yay Us!

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