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9:51 a.m. - 2004-08-31

Autumnal times

I canít believe its August 31st. As much as I know that the first day of autumn is September 22nd (according to my calendar, although I always thought seasonal changes were always the 21st), there is something about the 31st of August that forever feels like the last day of summer. Tomorrow Ė September 1st Ė starts the fall.

Thereís something in the air that smells and taste different. Itís subtle, yet suggestive of the change that is about to occur.

As a little kid there was an excitement in the air. Ahhh - September, thoughts of returning to school, starting new things, off to new adventures.

And even today, at this ripe old age I am, I still have that sense of sprightliness. I bid a fond farewell to Summer 2004. We had a great time together, not as much time to frolic as Iíd like, but Ö thatís life.

Hello September, with you comes many changes and new experiences. Just try not to be too cool too soon. Iím not quite ready to wear shoes and socks yet.

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