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11:37 a.m. - 2004-08-25

All a blurr really

Well, I suppose I should give you a brief update on life. I have been around reading my fave’s, but haven’t had the time to make an entry myself.

First off – if you haven’t already you really should check out Laura-Jane’s entry today. It’s her 500th hundredth and she’s done a bang up job. Bravo Laura-Jane!!!

Ummmm … when did I last update – appropriately – ummm … I’ll start with Friday.

Friday was day three of another migraine (four days is the norm). The new medication has done wonders with sleeping, and the frequency of migraine hits, but cannot fully stop an episode. However, I am very thankful to say this migraine didn’t hit with the usual velocity, and I managed to work through the previous days with the exception of Friday afternoon – I crashed BIG TIME!! Feeling somewhat revived Friday evening I rallied long enough to play one game of Mario Party 5 with hubby.

Saturday dawned dreary, overcast, and rainy. I loved it. My head was still a little tentative in joining the fray of activity that usually accompanies Saturday’s. Errands galore, yet casual in its simplicity. Grocery shopping was the big thing on my hit list. Shopping with hubby is not part of the equation. His method of shopping drives me bonkers, but there we were crashing against the madding crowds. I am a very frugal shopper. I create a list that I try to strictly adhere to. T on the other hand – seizes any item that is marked “SALE” or “TWO for ONE” and is thrown haphazardly into the cart in hopes of some future edible creation. Last year ‘amazing’ bargain was two 5 lb bags of potatoes. We don’t eat a lot of potatoes to begin with which actually means we bought 7.5 lbs of seed potatoes, and we don’t have a garden. If you get my meaning. . . .

Back to Saturday - What would normally have been a $100 shopping expedition for me, turned into an almost $200 shopping extravaganza for us. We did managed to buy something to make dinner.

On Sunday I must make a confession – I wore heels. Yes – its true folks. The sensible shoe lady broke her own rule. I wore a nice pair of black heels to church. I was on duty this Sunday, and felt the need to look the part. Unlike my usual summer wear fair of shorts and sandals. I survived without tripping, slipping, or rebraking my foot – (see Weebles Wobble - May 2/04 and ensuing entries).

The day as a whole was rather uneventful. We attended church again (off duty and as congregates) in the evening. Great message given by a regular member of the flock – a young woman who is a brilliant poet named Fanny. She spoke on prayer, and I came away feeling like I am never going to be good at this faith walk stuff. (I’ve only been doing it for 17 years – you’d think I’d have it down pat by now). However, I suppose we (read: me) need to hear this stuff because it becomes a catalyst to aid us (read: me) to keep on keeping on. You know?

However - the MUSIC on the other hand WAS TOOOOO LOUD!!!! HUH???!!! WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY? SPEAK UP, I CAN’T HEAR YOU??!! No soft sweetly sung old hymns here!

We have a VERY contemporary evening service. Picture an attendance of around the 450 mark (attendance is low at the moment as students are filtering back), and a majority of persona are between 20 and 35. All ages attend, but the vast majority are Uvic Students and counterparts. I sometimes feel quite old, fat, and unfashionable when I look around at these young, hip, trendy kids. Ah well, such is life. Someday they’ll be in my (sensible) shoes and thinking the same thing about the next generation.

Monday and Tuesday are back to work per usual. Except I fee like all I’ve done is gone from meeting to meeting to meeting. My new portfolio around here is a vast change from last May. It’s all good, and presents new challenges each day in rather exciting ways. Next month is going to be a doozey!

Today – ah … today has been a lot slower. I have some tasks, which are begging my attention, but I felt the need to touch base with my diary.

At home T and I have become addicted to (no – don’t worry – this too shall pass) a new game on our GameCube. Animal Crossing has proven to create in us a monomaniacal drive. It’s a sim game in real time, and very complex to explain. Needless to say – we’re having a lot of fun together separately with this purchase. (We both can’t play at the same time, but we both have houses in the same village and the other characters (all animals) talk about us with each other).

Phewwww that was an exhausting sentence, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Anyway – I have done my best to fill you in on life in Mugwhumpland. It feels great to have updated, but I can’t promise how quickly I’ll return.

Cheers - LJ

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