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1:02 p.m. - 2004-08-18

As promised

As promised, here is picture from my Rodeo Queen days. This was taken December 22, 1979 with the then Mayor Myron Thompson. Not only was Myron the Mayor, he was also a volunteer fireman, Career Counsellor at the High School, and I frequently babysat for he and his wife. Two strong will boys if I recall correctly. AND if you’ve followed the political scene much in the last 10 years, Myron was an MP along beside Preston Manning and the Reform party. Small world, eh?

To continue with your viewing pleasure, I have chosen another picture. This picture is from my Kindergarten Glass. Guess which one is me. Betchya can’t. I was having a difficult time getting them loading into D-land. Unfortunately I kept having to make the picture smaller and smaller. Thereby making facial expression and features less and less clear. Oh well, you learn a little every day.

This week has been going well. September proves to be a very busy month around here (work), and gearing up for it is not for slackers. As more and more meat is put onto the skeleton of my job I am beginning to realize the magnitude of what I’ve been asked to step up to. OH MY LANTA!!! Do these people truly realize what they have created in my – A monster I tell you – pure evil GENIUS (Mwahahahahahah).

Thanks FM I’ve been dying to use that somewhere.

Anyway – I am feeling quite good about job and life in general. My summer ‘to do’ list is slowly de-materializing with undone’s and incompletes, but I’m feeling good about that too. Possibly that taps into the procrastinator in me. Whatever!

I have managed to read several trashy (ok, maybe not trashy per se, but definitely NOT life changing or life learning) books this summer. I so love reading, and have missed it over the last couple of years. The shear fact that I made time to indulge myself this way has made me feel better. Little nuggets of pleasures – we all need’em.

With that I sign off for today. Cheers and hugs to you all - LJ

Postscript: Those pictures came out HUGE. I have no idea how that happened. Anyway - all the better to see me with. Which means you should be able to guess which cute kindergartener I am. Wanna try?

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