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1:42 p.m. - 2004-08-11

Either Or

Next day - and my answers. Thanks to Josquin and Firemind for playing.Being Summer, being relaxed, being layed back Iíve decided to change things up a little. Iíve borrowed the ďEither OrĒ concept from another site. Changed a few items, and would love to hear your take(s) on them. Even create your own and let me know so I can check them out.

Either Or

1. cheddar or feta more common for my fridge is cheddar, but I LOVE feta on pizza

2. regular gas or higher grade daily vehicle - reg, motorcycle - high test

3. sleep: bedroom door closed or open open

4. lettuce or sprouts definitley LETTUCE

5. dishwasher or garbage disposal (have to pick one) never had a garbage disposal, so I'll stick with dishwasher

6. TV watching or music listening kid from the 60's, has to be TV

7. brush or comb brush

8. water: ice cold or room temp depends

9. doors while driving: locked or unlocked unlocked

10. newspapers or books books, although the occasional paper is nice

11. water rides or roller coasters roller coaster, never done waterslides - worried about giving myself an enima

12. bar soap or liquid bar

13. gift bags or wrapping paper whatever I put my hands on first

14. yogurt or pudding depends on my mood or sugar requirements/desires

15. sing in the car or not bashfully I admit I sing when I'm alone in the car, but quietly <

16. PC or Mac PC

17. whole doughnut or doughnut hole by eating doughnut holes I manage to justify a larger intake

18. ocean side or prairies ocean side

19. toenails: painted or not (have fun, guys) season

20. biggest struggle: fear or anger I'm afraid I'll get angry if I answer this one (But seriously probably anger)

Cheers - LJ

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