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12:28 p.m. - 2004-08-06

All by my lonesome

Itís Friday and itís raining Ė substantially for the first time in several weeks. I know that yesterday I said I loved those long, hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer, but oh baby, am I loviní this rain. Our gardens so need its cleansing refreshment.

Iím all by my lonesome here at the office today. Between holidays and days off for a variety of people Ė thereís no one here but me. That is to say in the office portion of the building. We do have a janitor, but he busy doing janitorial stuff. And we run Summer Day Camps for kids, but theyíre out/in doing kid stuff. So Iíve got the radio blaring out of my computer, and Iím quite enjoying the lack of distractions. I managed to accomplish most of my ďmust get donesĒ earlier this week, so today is pretty laid back.

Because itís raining I would prefer to be at home curled up on the couch reading, but I canít. Which is not to say that that agenda hasnít been lifted for the rest of the weekend.

My wonderful hubby is bringing me lunch (McDís), so Iím feeliní quite good. Days like today help me feel that once in a while its ok to come up for air and stop being so frantic.

If youíve the time and the inclination you should check out Rufus Monk. Heís having a dramatically transitional day and could use a little encouragement. Clean shaven always works for me.

Cheers - LJ

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