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3:25 p.m. - 2004-08-05

Long Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

I think quite fondly of my summers as a wee youth. A day when kids didnít get shoved into every and any program available. A day when most moms were at home all day, every day. A day when you woke up, went to the TV room in you PJís and happily munched down a bowl of cereal (or some such breakfast food). A day when you lived in shorts all day and wandered around the neighbourhood to find a friend to hang with.

That of course came to an end in the later teen years. When finding work seemed like a cool thing to do. Then graduating and finding out what real work was all about. I still get excited, when itís the middle of June, the thought that July and August are just around the corner. All the wonderful things you plan to do and see. However, it steals by you so quickly. Summer to do lists undone. Plans of the perfect tan, and all those great books to plough through.

Here we are the 5th day into August and Iím already dreading September. I didnít enjoy enough summer yet!!! I didnít go camping. I didnít (for the 19th consecutive year) make it out to finally see the Sooke Pot Holes. I didnít wear enough sundresses. I didnít laze around on our back deck Ďploughingí through books. I didnít get much colour (which my skin will thank me for later). I didnít stroll around the causeway. I didnít get to Long Beach and hear the unusual sound (Iíve only heard on that beach) that comes from dragging your feet in the sand.

No Ė I worked my ass off along with the rest of the adult human race.

ďThereís lots of time to do those thingsĒ you say. Wrong Ė those things wonít happen. Iíd even bet you a dollar that a year from now Iíll have another entry with much the same sentiment. I can see the headlines now ďSummer 2005 to do list not doneĒ.

I am my own worst enemy, and I know it.

I have read some good books. I have spent some time on my back deck, and Iím not completely pasty white. So I suppose one can say all is not lost. I just long for those days when I can roll out of my bed in my PJís and leisurely munch my breakfast before heading out to find some friends to hang with during the long lazy days of summer.

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