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3:44 p.m. - 2004-07-07

Spongey Compulsions

It has occurred to me recently that my love of all things “SpongeBob” have become a bit of a compulsion . . . . . for others in regards to me. Within in my growing collection of – dare I say – Spongebob Squarepants Collectibles, I have personally purchased very little.

Recently I acquired – free – two 1.5-inch high figurines of a singing Spongebob and Sandy Squirrel (a friend who lives in the see as well, but in an air-tight bubble on the ocean floor). They adorn the top of my monitor at work, and are a lovely support staff to the little green soldiers who protect me from all manner of evil. Also joining the ever-growing masses of protectors is a handmade (itsy bitsy tiny knitted) finger puppet of old Spongey. I did purchase this little lovely last week at the Folk Festival downtown. How could I possibly pass up a $3.00 bargain like that?

My other recent acquisitions are a new pair of Sunglasses, blue with “Spongebob Squarepants” written atop the right lens (sometimes distracting). This was given to me from a friend who’s mom bought it for her for her birthday. She has no idea who Spongebob is. I’m not sure whether to feel pleased at receiving this new prize, or disgruntled that someone doesn’t know of Spongebob!

Another recent procurement – in my new sensible shoe life – a pair of Spongebob and Patrick flip-flops. These were a parting gift from my boss when she finished up in May. I have yet to wear them beyond my carpeted home. I’m silly I know, but I don’t want to tarnish them (just yet).

And – Lord bless my husband – T succumbed to the lure of supplying me with the spongeyest of Spongey’s – a large, (getting larger) TV/relaxing/reading/reclining Spongebob throw pillow with colourful Spongebob’s, Patrick’s, and Gary’s (Spongebob’s pet snail who meow’s) cavorting about. I think T was more surprised and excited at his find than I was. I was none-the-less touched at his thoughtfulness, and am enjoying it thoroughly. It now graces our living room couch. To which I believe now T is second-guessing his original brilliance. We both firmly feel that it grows during the night, because it appears larger and larger to us each day. What’s with that?

I must admit that I’m enjoying my childish collection, but please, please, please – whatever you do don’t tell my mom!!! She will never understand the concept of “Spongebob Squarepants” and his friends, and will make giant assumptions that I’ve grown attached to sponges or the like. The next thing you know - I’ll be randomly receiving in the mail all things sponge. NOT Spongebob – just spongy. Wash sponges, squeegees, pillows, etc. She’d do it, I know she would – and she’d think she was doing me a great service. Alas, my poor mom.

So if you see any ‘unique’ Spongebob stuff around, please feel free to purchase it for me. Or if you really don’t like me, in that kind of way, feel free to let me know where you found the stuff, and follow the path gleefully.

With my spongeyest regards - LJ

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