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8:23 p.m. - 2004-07-01

Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day everyone! Did everyone have a good time?

As I'm sure you'll note, on the left had side of this page I'm getting pretty crafty adding links (couple of fun new reads, not diarylanders), and I managed to ad a heading. Might sound pretty easy to you, but to me it was HUGE!!! Now I've just got to work on using italics and bold, and have I told you how much I hate Times Roman???!!! (I'm also getting a little tired of purple - but thats for another day)

Anyway - I managed to fully accomplish one of my goals for today, and half accomplish the other. I did sleep in, with the exception of waking at the crack of 6am, 6:30am, again at 7:15am, then finally at 8:45am. I fought the good fight, and will make a re-attempt again on Saturday! I also managed to read a little, tiny, insy-weensy bit of my book. Not enough to give myself full points, but enough to qualify.

T and I rented some DVD's last night. Two of which got viewed last night - "Secret Window" (not the ending I'd hoped for), and "Stuck on You" (after Secret Window I was ready to laugh at anything). Actually I kind of enjoyed both, but not on the same level that I had anticipated enjoying them. Do you understand what I mean? When you hear about a paticular movie, you watch it, and it doesn't quite fill expectations. . . . . Ya know?

Anyway - our third rental was watched this morning over coffee. "Big Fish" - I liked it, but I still cried at the end. We never view our parents they way the rest of the world does, do we?

The rest of my day had intended on being as layed back as possible. Did this occur? Ah . . . NO! However, T and I accomplish a great deal of good things around the house. I won't bore you, because it will show what a pathetic house keeper I am. But needless to say, we did a number of small jobs around the old homestead that have been nagging us both for some time. And it feels just awesome have them done.

I keep thinking today is Saturday, and have to remind myself that it's back to the salt mines tomorrow. Albeit - for one day. And I don't HAVE to be at the church on Sunday's for the rest of the summer. (with the exception of one Sunday in August that I'm covering for someone). I am so excited I could just spit . . . but I won't - that's not ladylike.

Time for a little TV after a hard, toilfull day!!!

Cheers - LJ

Post scrip: mere seconds after adding the above entry I went back in and added bolding and italics to my template. Can anyone spot where?

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