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6:10 p.m. - 2004-06-26

A visit from Goldylocks and Cutie-pie

Hello again!!! We had an awesome visit with the girls. OOP’s sorry – that is to say “young lady nieces”. And I said they were 20, but in fact they will be turning 20 in September. All I know is that they’re old enough to drink and vote – and even that realization is hard for this young vibrant aunt to swallow!

Goldylocks and Cutie-pie arrived early evening on Wednesday. It was just so wonderful to see them here in my home. It never ceases to amaze me at how beautiful they are both inside and out. Well mannered, well spoken, and most definitely a lot of fun. They bring out a side to me that I forget I have – I may be 42, but I can still have the energy of a 20 something (for a little while anyway).

Cutie-pie is very allergic to cats, and because these girls are very outdoorsy they slept in a tent out on our back deck. I was concerned that they’d be too cold, but was quickly assured that they sleep on the patio lounge chairs back home in the rockies late into the fall. In fact they stole the cushions from their parents lawn chairs to sleep on while on this mini camping girls road tripping vacation. They felt quite at home out there on our deck.

We all slept in late on Thursday. Both T and I arranged to take the day off from our respective work establishments. T woke me up at the crack of 8 (I was not too pleased about that), but I understood. He will ‘allow’ me to sleep in on Saturday’s so I guess I can’t complain. The girls (there I go again, but you know I’ll just continue calling them “girls”) rolled out of the tent around 9, slowly uprighted themselves and by 10 we were ready to roll. T got called to work for a conference call which he promised to be back by 11:30 / Noonish. That was ok, because I’d promised the ladies that I work with at the church that I’d bring over Cutie-pie and Goldylocks to show them off. Just a little proud I am of them, and I wanted to show them where I work. The last time they’d seen the place was when it was all decked out for our wedding reception – and I think its safe to say - - the place looks a little different.

Goldylocks, Cutie-pie and I wandered back home with time to spare before T got back. This afforded us the perfect opportunity to hone our “Gamecube” gaming skills. We had a blast playing!!! We all played marvelously bad!!! All equal in our lows and inabilities, but had a great time laughing.

Once T got home we pulled out the old coupon book and pondered what restaurant to descend upon. Thanks to a comment that Rufus Monk (or possibly Firemind) made earlier in the week - the “Bent Mast” won hands downs. I used to live very close to this old converted character house. It wasn’t always called the “Bent Mast”, but I had fond memories of the neighbourhood and liked the thought of eating there. We arrived after the lunch rush, and basically we had the place to ourselves. Us and the waiter that is. I chose the front bay window table to enjoy the view of James Bay central. Great food, great conversation, and a resounding good time was had by all.

We thought we might go to the IMAX next and see the newest showing – something to do with the human body but 1) couldn’t find a parking space, and 2) wasn’t sure when it was playing. So we opted to go play mini-golf instead.

Again – our trusty coupon book was whipped out and Blenkinsop Mini Golf won. I figured that ANY mini golf place around wouldn’t have much action this time of year. Kids around here not quite out of school yet, and it was an overcast Thursday afternoon. WRONG!!! Just in front of us was a group of three rowdy, boisterous, NOT playing by the rules – boys. Boys, that in my never to be humble opinion should still be in school!!! But nooooooo, someone’s silly mom actually volunteered to take these hooligans out. She probably didn’t know what to do with them either, and mini-golf seemed like a cheap and easy solution.

For someone who works (administratively) with kids – I’m not always a very patient or forgiving person. Yes – its true – you read it here. I particularly lack patience when people don’t play games by the rules. Hitting the ball for 16 strokes on a par 3 hole . . . . that’s just not good playing. Hitting the ball for 16 strokes and NOT waiting for the ball to ever stop moving – that just pushes all my control freak buttons. Doing all that and making sure they hear you in Nanaimo . . . . . don’t even go there.

These kids spun around the course twice within the time that we took to play our entire one game. I did not speak out any of my above-mentioned frustrations, but my mind was whirling with things I would like to have said. But I reminded myself that I was here having a great time with my hubby and two of my favourite nieces.

And – drum roll please – I won!!!

We then took the girls up to the top of Mt. Doug. Now, you have to realize that these young ladies are from Jasper - the heart of the Canadian rockies. To them (and to me) this is not a mountain. But in the eye’s of all Victoria – it is, and it affords a fantastic view all 360 degrees around. It’s a breathtaking view. Unfortunately, the weather had gone rather cool, which caused much fog cover off the coast. You couldn’t see Mt. Baker (a true mountain in the state of Washington – across the straights), you couldn’t properly see up towards the Gulf Island. But we could put our thinking caps on and imagine what it would all look like. So we did.

After this we sallied home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Goldylocks has a university buddy who lives in Victoria, and had arranged to go out with him to the bars. They encourage we old folks to tag along, but . . . well . . . . you know how it goes . . . that’s just not our cup of tea anymore. I think they said they hit the Sticky Wicket, then Big Bad Johns, and got home around 1:30. I heard them come in, rolled over and quickly fell back asleep. Not a worried bone in my body.

Both T and I had to report back in to work on Friday, so we left the girls sleeping soundly in the morning.

We took them out to catch the 11am ferry. I felt we left in good time (10:20) but we were minutes late to get them on. The next ferry wasn’t until 12. They decided that they would just hang, catch the next ferry and sent us on our merry way.

The house seemed just a little lonelier, a little more quite, and slightly larger. I miss them already. I am so blessed with my nieces (all three, and I have one nephew). You can’t help but be caught up in the energy, zest, and excitement for living. For twins (fraternal and 5 minutes a part), they are both very strong and confident in their own ways. Goldylocks is the life of the party and funny. Cutie-pie is a little quieter, but if you give her a second and an opportunity – she can zing ya like no one I’ve ever met. You cannot help but be swept up in their charm and sparkle.

This ends the adventures of Mugwhump, her hubby, Goldylocks, and Cutie-pie. Or at least this entry as we know it. Cheers – and blessings - LJ

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