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10:39 a.m. - 2004-06-16

Almost dancing

OK - I was able to reload my guestbook. Phewwww, I really felt bereft without it. The feeling was reminiscent of occasions when I've found the internet down, and I was unable to check my e-mail. Ewwww, shudder to think!!

Anyway - update on Das Foot! To quote Firemind "Das footzenwrapper" is kaput. My visit to the doctor yesterday went very well, and she is pleased. She did send me for one more set of x-rays, but feels confident that all is well.

I had taken my left sandal in case the prognosses was good. Boy, does it feel weird!! My ankle is a little unhappy at having to put effort into life again. Lazy, lazy ankle! It's what got me into this trouble in the first place! But we've had a stern talking to, and they've collectively agreed to support me as long as I stay away from "unsensible shoes". A hard bargain, but one I will stand firm with (pun intended).

I got a phone call from one of my neices last night. She and her twin sister are going on a road trip and want to head our way for a visit. As much as I recognize that I live in paradise - they hail from the next best place - Jasper, Alberta.

I am so excited!!! I love my girls, they are an untainted generation in our family. They make me laugh and enjoy life so much more when they are around. The girls were only 7 months old when I moved from Jasper to Victoria, but have been blessed with a special connection between us (and their older sister).

Should I be calling them 'women' now? They will be turning 20 in September - OH MY GOSH, I HADN'T DONE THE MATH ON THAT UNTIL RIGHT NOW!!!!!

These "young ladies" will be a joy to have in our home next week. I'm sure I'll have many stories to regale you with. I have to figure where to take them. The last time they were (almost 10 years ago) here, we did all the real touristy stuff - Undersea Gardens, Wax Museum, Mini Golf, Petty Zoo. Actually, all those places sound like fun. Maybe . . . .

I'll keep you posted (as usual).

Cheers - LJ

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