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8:23 a.m. - 2004-06-16

Dissappearing Guestbook

Oh where, oh where has my guestbook done gone?

Oh where, oh where can it beeeeeeee . . .?

It was there in D-land not two days ago . . .

But now it has done left me . . .?

I swear my guestbook was there yesterday morning. Now it's gone. Maybe it followed my diary rings and went north. Slowly, slowly it seems parts of my diary are going missing.

If you click on me soon and I'm all gone - send out the Calvary. I will not have gone willingly!!!

Second entry - I see now that all my links are missing as well. What is happening? I'm beginning to be very disturbed . . . . Diaryland, what are you doing to me?

Third entry - I'm slowly rebuilding. Step by step. Slowly I turn . . . (does anyone remember that "I Love Lucy" skit?)( Probably not - that's ok - just as long as you keep loving me)

This was before - This is now

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