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3:29 p.m. - 2004-06-08

Bright Sun Shiny Day

It's a beautiful 25 degree (celcius) day outside, and I'm stuck inside. The husband took his motorcycle to work this morning because I needed the van

He loves his bike, and I actually miss riding on it with him. Alas . . . . das foot!! Hopefully next week will bring the advent of breaking in all my new left foot sandals.

We had toyed with the idea of going for a ride last weekend, but as we thought about me getting on and off the bike . . . . We realized that the chances of something going silly and possibly re-injuring my foot was too great. DARN!!! Double DARN!!! DARN FOOT!!!

But soon folks, soon. The following picture is what it 'could' be like once I'm back on the straight and narrow.

This was taken last summer on our holdiays. We left Victoria and drove the entire day, ending up in 100 Mile House (sorry - I can't tell you the distance).

The scenery is beautiful from a motorcycle. No windows, doors, things holding a car together get into your sights. Nothing but the wide open . . . . air. I have the added bonus of always being a passenger and thereby - with the exception of looking straight ahead - get the best view in the house . . . er bike . . . . er road. You get my drift.

Anyway the following day we travelled over to Jasper (Alberta) where my brother and his family reside. I also lived there for 5 years in the early 80's. So it was wonderful to share a special place in my life with my husband. We stayed a couple of days then headed south down through the Parkway and turning east just before Lake Louise. We landed, after experiencing the worst rain I've ever experienced on a bike (granted I haven't had a lot of experience on a bike), at my mom's place in a small hick town (population 2,000) just north west of Calgary. I had gone to high school here, and it was really fun for me to show T all my old haunts (which took a total of 10 minutes).

After a couple of days we headed south again and back into BC. Rambling our way through Creston (an over night stay). This day of the trip was the hottest, most unpleasant, sweaty, no cool breeze day of the entire holiday. Thankfully the weather cooled abit the next day.

After Creston T was determined to check out some areas that he'd heard where great biking terrain. Now, after experiencing that 'great biking terrain', I've warned T - NEVER AGAIN!!! At least not with me on the back. Although the small free ferry's (unheard of - we pay through the nose for them here on the coast) were a lovely addition. The snaking road out again was an altogther different experience for me. I spent most of this time (75 Km or so) with my eyes firmly shut and the rest of me clamped on for dear life. We're talking fast!!! Hence, NEVER AGAIN!!

Remind me to tell you about a biker's tires sometime.

Once off this "road from hell", I gained my breath, beat on my husband, we got back on the bike and were off to our final nights destination at Apex, a ski-hill outside of Penticton. (Friends lent us their condo).

Then home.

It was my first long road trip, but not my last. Possibly Disneyland in the fall. (I hope we fly).

Well, that a little excursion from my usual diatribe. I suppose I could have filled you in more, used more colourful detail, but I didn't. I enjoy being on the motorcycle most of the time. And right now I miss it - the breeze in my face (actually I don't like that part), the sitting straddled over a hot engine (that doesn't sound like much fun either), holding on tight to my husband (ah yes . . . the real reason I like being on the bike)!!

Cheers and happy trails - LJ

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