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11:38 a.m. - 2004-06-06

Little Green Men

Thank you to all those who told me to rant, rave, and write as much and as long as I needed. That this was my ‘spot’. I got to thinking about why I was feeling like I’d overstepped myself with my long missives. In part I think its in my nature to be small and unobtrusive, and that I shouldn’t/couldn’t/can’t take up too much of peoples time. But HEY!! This IS my place to do just that, and if you don’t want to read it – don’t! (Thanks FM). However, there is a part of me that says . . . “but my readership won’t stay because I’m boring.”. Readership! Ha! Who do I think I am Mordecai Ritcher? No, I’m just little Mugwhump and I have 13 of you who say you had added me to your favourites (plus a couple who aren’t on Diaryland). That’s more than I ever asked for, or expected.

Thanks again for the support.

So with that I’ll launch into something I meant to write about earlier this week. Do you remember my saga of the “Little Red Man”? Well, in her last parting shot Pastor Lisa still managed to one-up me. Sorta.

Throughout last Monday (her last day) as I was going in and out of various parts of my desk and area, the occasional “little green soldier fellow” would appear. Having been secretly placed in unusual, unexpected, unavoidable places, I would stumble upon them. At first it never occurred to me that a certain person was getting her last laugh. I thought someone else thought they were being funny, and trying to tell me they’d picked up the ‘game’. I wasn’t really amused because the Little Red Man was ‘our’ game and would not be continued. I had found the first (to date I have found 8) one snuck up in a cupboard, the subtle difference was he was green AND he was avec gun. Which was probably what made me think this was an outside job. That is until the potluck luncheon we had for Pastor Lisa on Monday. Out of the corner of my eye I see her sheepishly slip past my plate of food awaiting my arrival to sit down and eat. I didn’t take much notice of her presences, but did see a rather silly Cheshire cat grin as she glanced in my direction. Once seated I had a prodding sense that I should inspect my food more intently. Sure enough, there lying in wait, nestled between ham, mustard and bread – was #2 little green soldier man. Which prompted hilarious snorts and snickers from across the room and out of the very mouth that was leaving us that day.

This game was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have thoroughly searched my desk and had found 5 more. Then today I came across #8, one more that I had overlooked. It reminded me again of a wonderful boss, Pastor, mentor, and friend. So with that, I have used some tacky gum and decorated my computer monitor and cubicle with the men that I have found. They are in different postures and so I have placed them as to protect me from any alien attack. I have a radioman, and laying down sniper dude firmly placed on the top of the wall of my cubicle. From there the radioman can radio down to his other radio comrade planted in the middle on the top of my monitor. From there this second radio dude can yell commands to the other sniper pointed at the past Pastors office door, two other kneeling gunmen, and one guy who seems to be surrendering, and one guy with a metal detector. (What’s with that?)

Oh the amusement I get from my job. I will have to remove them at some point in the future. I’m sure the new Pastor (whomever he/she will be) may not understand my small, small world. Hopefully it won’t take me long to break in the new guy, bring them up to speed, and we’ll be off on a new adventure in Children’s Ministry here at L.P. Church.

Have a most excellent and adventurous Sunday. Cheers – LJ

P.S. I have no idea how many men on total are hidden, and Lisa would’t tell me. Stay tuned for the further adventures of “Green Men WITH Guns”.

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