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9:44 a.m. - 2004-06-02

New Chapters All Around

Today is my last day at the Lumber yard. I will no longer be a private secretary, and to be honest Ė I have very mixed feelings still. Not about the private secretary stuff, but about leaving a place of employment in general. It dawned on me yesterday that out of all the jobs Iíve ever had Iíve rarely been the one to decide its time to go.

That is not to say Iím a poor candidate for a job as Iíve always left a place with good references. I have usually been layed off in the past. Either for reasons that the job is in fact being cut, or they wanted to be polite and nice when they gave me the boot because I donít ďfitĒ in anymore. So, here I am willing walking away from a job of 8.5 years. Iíve had a love hate relationship with this job. There have been days when there isnít a hope in heck that Iíll accomplish what needs to be done in two days. Then there are the times when I come in, blind-fold myself (to give it some excitement), whip through my work and surf the internet for the rest of the day. (The challenge being in not getting caught).

So, this is me, walking out of here at noon today, for officially the last time, but in actual fact Ė Iíll be back on Saturday because my boss is NOT a paper administrator and we havenít seen his desk in years. There are a few loose ends to tidy up and I can always work better when no one is around. And did I mention heís not replacing me?

Today, however, and the reason Iím leaving at noon, is because my Tís convocation is this afternoon!!! How exciting! The in-laws descended on us last night. As stated before Ė I am blessed to have them, but there are times . . .

I wonít go there now.

T is rather blasť about the event (convocation not the parents), and I donít quite know what to expect. I would think he should be thrilled that his Masters (in Computer Science) is completed and today he gets the royal handshake. He got his now published Thesis back on Monday, which makes it all very real to him. I hope he enjoys today and doesnít dwell on the monotony too much.

Iíll keep you posted, as per usual. Which reminds me Ė I didnít tell you how our Ďshopping excursioní went on Saturday . . . . maybe tomorrow.

Cheers - LJ

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