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9:28 a.m. - 2004-05-27

Das Foot

I had my three week check-up with my Doctor on Tuesday, and new xrays done yesterday. Seems I have another three weeks of limping along. Thank you Lindz for hoping I can stop calling myself "Hop-along". Do you suppose that when this is all over I can rename myself "Runs like a Cheetah"? No - I suppose that would be a extreme stretch. I'll think of something creative.

T's graduation is next Wednesday (June 2nd) and I ordered a dress from Coldwater Creek Clothing Company. An American on-line ordering firm. Usually I would never take this route, but I've had alot of luck with these folk, and its good quality product. The one big problem I have from not seeing, when purchasing, clothing up close and personal, is the colour. You never really know what colour it is. What was described to me as being "red" turns out to look more "NEON" red. Not too sure if this is the right colour for me, but I'm following through with the plan, and make a statement for my husband. Hopefully not a disgracefull statement. I promise to report if the Fashion Police put me behind bars. All I need now is to find a jacket or shawl that will compliment this new sun dress.

If I ever figure out how to post pictures - I'll show you all up close and maybe not so personal what the dress looks like.

It's raining here today. As much as my garden needs the wetting liquid blue - I'd settle for a lot more liquid gold sun. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa. Complain, bitch, moan!! I'll stop now.

All is well. All is good.

Must get back to the grindstone. I've been away from this job for almost two weeks. I have just a little back log.

Cheers - LJ

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