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4:51 p.m. - 2004-05-21

A week of suprises

Well Friends – here I am a day late and a dollar short. I sat down at the computer several times yesterday, but couldn’t come up with words to put to paper. Alas – today isn’t much better, but I’ve had some inspiration over lunch . . . .

I had the unadulterated pleasure of having lunch with, and meeting for the first time - the one and only Laura-Jane. She is the one to blame when you read my diary and find yourself inexplicably drawn into my web of life day after day. (Miss Laura-Jane got me started in this world of Diaryland – and quite by accident.) What an interesting experience it is to meet someone whom you’ve come to know only over the Internet – via Diaryland entries and e-mails. My first impulse was to greet her with a friendly hug, a hug to a long time acquaintance - and yet – you’ve never set eyes on each other before. It felt rather odd at first (I held back on the hug until after lunch). I found my speech to be faster and more articulate than normal. Something I only do when I’m nervous. But once we got on the roll of conversation I think we both relaxed and enjoyed the company. At least I most certainly did, and hope to again soon. She’s as pretty in person as she is in writing.

I suppose that you’re all wondering how my birthday gift to T went over. Well, I could barely contain myself Sunday morning. Due to different timing to our individual duties on Sunday mornings I could stay at home a little longer than T and was able to start to pack and put the house in order for the house sitter. After church I scurried home again to get the last little bit of things together. When I first arrived I quickly surmised that T had been home between services -–I was immediately concerned that he’d seen the packed bags on the floor of our bedroom. Then when he didn’t come home when expected I began to worry that he’d seen the bags and didn’t want to come home. I had a fleeting thought that he’d seen them and thought I was preparing to leave him . . . . I quickly put that out of my mind and told myself to be patient. He was probably just doing some last minute tidying. Which it turned out he was.

When he did get home I tried desperately to stay calm, cool, and collected. Try to allow him time to debrief after church. People he’d talked to, tell me about the sermon, how was the sound . . . . stuff. Then before I knew it, I’d popped up and grab his 2nd envelope and said – “Here it part 2 to your birthday present!”

He cautiously took the envelope, said “You didn’t need to do anything.”

(Why do we always say that when people do something nice for us?)

T opened it and began to read. I’d started the sentiment in the card with “I’ve chosen the transportation, the destination, and the duration . . .”

His first reaction was “I can’t go anywhere!!! I have work to do!”

This response startled me. I wasn’t quite sure how he’d take my surprise. I’d NEVER done anything like this before. I wasn’t sure if he’d handle it well, flip out, or say “Great Honey, let’s go!”. I had hoped for the latter, but was not quite prepared for “NOOO!”

I was starting to get worried and quickly explained that I’d planned everything, and had OK’d it all with his work, my work, a house sitter, destination, duration, and transportation. Everything was in place we just needed to go.

He really didn’t believe me at first, and kept coming up with reasons why this wouldn’t work. I, however, had done my homework and really had put everything in place. It took him about an hour for it all to sink in the AND THEN he started to get excited. So excited that he dumped out everything that I’d packed for him and repacked himself. (Something to do with feeling in control . . .?)

Finally we got on the road and headed up island to a town called Parksville. It’s a very quaint oceanside town. Slow paced, wonderful beaches and the best mini golfing I’ve found in these parts. I had booked us into a motel right beside the water where we could look out and watch the tides roll in and out, and the sunset. Beautiful.

By Monday night T was convinced we needed to stay an extra day. We slept in, stayed up late, walked on the beach (I hobbled, T walked), checked out different restaurants, and just plain wandered.

I would like it known here that I am the Mini Golf Queen!!!! I rule, and trounced T all 5 different times that we played. Enough said – T feels bad enough as it is. (He doesn’t seem to remember the fact that he continually beats me at most of our GameCube games.)

Now that we’re home and things are falling back into place I’m glad that I planned our (suto) spontaneous adventure. I’ve learned a valuable lesson in what suprising T means. That I must be careful, and make sure that I have all the right plans in place, with no holes unattended.

I do have to chuckle at him a little. You must keep in mind that T asked me to marry him on the eve of my 40th birthday. That’s a surprise that is hard to top. And that ON my 40th birthday I was determined to plan my own birthday celebratory party – which I did to the consternation of many of my friends. T was adamant that I not do anything like this for his 40th. He would not take part in any kind of surprise festivities. With this in mind I was very respectful and planned no such event. But on the evening of his birthday I told him I would take him out to dinner. He tells me, after the fact, that he was sure I’d gone ahead and planned a surprise party for him. I couldn’t figure out why he was dragging his heels when getting ready to go out. There was always one more thing he HAD to do. (This I am familiar with – I’m perpetually 30 minutes early for things. T is perpetually 30 minutes late). And even when we got to the restaurant he wouldn’t go in. He dallied outside looking at the menu. Little did I know that in his mind he was allowing the “party goers” to get into place for his arrival surprise. Little did he know – there wasn’t any.

He didn’t tell me any of this until later that evening.

Anyway – that is how the last week or so has gone down. The foot is getting better – at least it is still attached to my leg. I’m getting quite good at getting around and have dropped off using the crutches. What a nuisance those things are. I’m hoping that the doctor will have good news for me next week and she will release me from having to wear the cast. We’ll see.

Cheers - LJ

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