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9:31 a.m. - 2004-05-14

Big Toe

Life is hectic. Life is good. Hubby woke up to a new decade this morning and it isn't sitting well. He'll get over it. I'll take him out for a lovely dinner tonight with more suprises to come. I'm SOOOOOO excited!!! Busy weekend no matter how we look at it, but the end is almost in sight.

He received a birthday prezzie in the mail yesterday from his Aunt. His Aunt turned 80 last month. She wrote a lovely card thanking us for our birthday card to her, and ending her sentiment with "Sorry about the toe, I ran out of wool."

I said to T - "You gotta open it now. We've got to see what she sent you."

He looked at me wide eyed and picked up the flat, well wrapped package. She used lovely juvenile boy paper - no really - an 8 year old would have been thrilled. T however eyed it even more suspicion. He opened it to find home knitted socks with the last 2 inches of one toe in a different colour. So sweet and he'll NEVER wear them. For her it was an obvious labour of love.

Ah . . . family.

Happy Birthday T - I love you!! We've got a great decade ahead of us.

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