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2:42 p.m. - 2004-05-11


Funny how having to use crutches can really slow you down, and yet Ė time is just whipping by. I swear I only blinked and Iíd fallen, blinked again and I had a cast on my foot, blinked a third time and poof itís Tuesday (today). Where does all that time go when youíre not looking? I blame it on the platforms.

For Sale: One pair of slightly used brown platform sandals. Dearly loved by owner, but unable to walk AND chew bubble-gum. Call 1-800-AIR-CAST, ask for Hop-Along.

On a completely different note: Iím joining the ranks of the singly employed. For the last 8 plus years I have held two part-time jobs, and for the most part itís worked out very well. Iíve really enjoyed the diversity that two different types of jobs and work places have given me. Tax season bites, but Iíve never made much money anyway. Iím a little nervous about this transition. Iíve developed a great working relationship with the boss Iím leaving. Heís a bit of a hard and closed man, and a man that Iíve seriously disliked on occasion - but Iíve learned to work with his quirks just like he learned to work with mine (and believe me that takes some doiní!). Heís the owner to a rather large lumber yard and Iím his private secretary.

I learned a long time ago that retail was not for me. I loved playing with the cash register, but got in trouble for pushing all the wrong keys! No one told me that you should only punch in numbers when someone was purchasing something! Go figure!! That and the absolute boredom that came over me when there were no customers.

So I followed the office work route, with a little dabble in the hotel industry, and one season as a horse drawn carriage tour driver (a fun summer, but not a financially lucrative one).

My other job is also working in an office, but with a totally different drive and velocity. A church in Childrenís Ministry Ė thereís no life like it! Talk about categorical opposites. Iím constantly on the go, and rarely know what Iíll be up to from one week to the next. I love that about this job. However, the driving force behind this ministry is leaving at the end of the month. There has been no replacement found (Anyone know of a great Children and Families Pastor looking for an opportunity in an awesome church?). My job stays status quo, but Iíll be starting full time there at the beginning of June. I will however, be working in other areas - not just kids. At this point all that is all a bit nebulous. Iíll keep you posted.

Well . . . once again I didnít think I had much to write but have spewed out a fair amount of yackety-yak. I only hope Iíve made sense. There are times lately Iíve come to believe that although itís my foot in a cast my head is also affected. Maybe something also fell out when I fell over?

Tootles - LJ

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