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12:05 p.m. - 2004-05-07

Elocution lessons and more

This week has been such a mish-mash I can hardly believe it Friday. Besides the obvious problems of the week (see previous three entries) I’ve managed to come down with a cold. Is my Maker trying to tell me something? My first thought is “slow down”, but I’m not racing anyway. Is He trying to tell me “More TV time . . . “. Well, I’m mastering that one quite nicely. Which leads me to two rants this morning.

First one: Gilmore Girls – What the h e double tooth-picks is going on here? Talk about intrigue and characters out of character. I swear Richard has been possessed by the devil. He is not the nice, laid back, mellow, sometimes dim-witted man he’s been since the inception of the show. He’s turned into this . . . . “I’ve been taken over by aliens, and have given up all right to intelligent thought” kind of guy. Or have I just put him in a box, and he’s jumped out refusing to be labelled?

Then there’s his wife Emily – overnight she grew a backbone even though she’s been the family bully from the get-go!

It is so obvious that they're gearing up for the season finale before the end of the month? And that will probably be a doozy of a cliff-hanger. Then you have to wait until October to find out that its all been a dream . . . . Does anyone remember “Dallas”?

Second rant: Survivor . . . I’ve decided that if Rob wins any money at all the first thing he should invest in is elocution lessons, for himself and Big Tom. Doesn’t Rob know there is an ‘r’ on the end of Amber? Can you tell I don’t like him much? I am so praying for a miracle here, that neither Rob nor Amber make it to the final 2. Yes – I believe Amber has played well, but she’s won her car – she can go home now!

I believe I’ve been philippic (look that one up in your Webster) enough – I no longer feel the need to pontificate on the topic of my favourite TV shows. That’s what you get when you are forced on your butt for long periods of time.

Experiencing this cast is like a day without sunshine. No, that’s not exactly what I mean. I’d like to wax more poetically, but I’m having a difficult time trying to grasp exactly what it is that I’m encountering. There’s a part of me that’s feeling like this is a giant joke and would the people hiding behind the couch hurry up, jump out and shout “surprise”. Then there’s another part that acknowledges that this is for real and that this IS my life for the next 3 – 6 weeks. Slow, ungainly, and people laughing at me (after I’ve told them WHY I’m in a cast). Ah, the cruel cruel twists of fate.

Speaking of people who are laughing at me (those who say they are actually laughing “with” me) – what I’d really like to do is whip this cast off my foot and beat them soundly about the head. Only I know that I couldn’t get a good swing in while balancing on one leg. Don’t mess with this 42 year old woman wearing “unsensible” shoes.

Which reminds me - Thank you to all who have shared their sympathy over my present situation, as well as outrage at the emergency doctors unkind remarks. I feel the love (not from him, but from you). If you get a chance, check out Josquin’s profile and favourites list. His comment beside my name gave me a good laugh right when I needed. Quirky! I liked it. Thanks Josquin.

Well I’ve tarried here long enough for today. Keep the love flowin’

Cheers - LJ

P.S. My Pastor boss was rather displeased that I didn't get an old fashion plaster cast. She had her heart set on signing it. So - she signed my leg instead. She will be the ONLY person to sign my leg, or otherwise. Good thing I have a good sense of humour. I'll never wash that leg again . . . .

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