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9:39 a.m. - 2004-04-30

Don't let a Bee get you down

First off, let me just say – Thank you to the three readings who asked “3 Questions”. You all had great questions, even the one(s) I couldn’t answer – “W” in the survey’s -Geesh!

Anyway – if anyone else wants to participate – bring it on!! Just see my previous entry.

On Tuesday night I did the unthinkable – I went to a Mary Kay Party. Have you seen a picture of the founder of this organization? They tell me she’s dead now, and I think I know why – she wore so much make-up that her face asphyxiated. I truly believe she wore every single product her company ever produced – and all at the same time.

Ok – ok – so I’m not big on wearing make-up. I wear mascara and eye liner, and on rare occasions lipstick. That’s it. In my 20’s (the 80’s) I did a whole lot more, but then again – during that era EVERYTHING was big. Hair, clothes, music . . .

I digress – I went to said Mary Kay party to support my friend who was hosting it, and the lady who was the demonstrator. Both are acquaintances from church. (That church life will get you in trouble every time!). We had fun none-the-less. None in attendance are big into the corrective facial goods, but getting the skin ready for transfiguration was kinda cool. A little pampering on a mid-week evening. And because it involved acquaintances I also felt compelled to purchase something. This was the really hard part. I DON’T spend a lot of money in this department, and I most certainly don’t procure the most expensive stuff that Wal-Mart has to offer. So, as I cover my eyes and hand over my credit card I managed to take home two eyeliners and one tube of mascara.

Skip to arrival back home . . . hubby doesn’t notice the new beautiful varnished and lacquered me until I elbowed him and demanded a response. Upon which I get – “Ya – ok.” My next appointment is with a face cloth and warm water. That was the best part of the evening – getting all that crap off.

We slip in to bed together, and I bring out my purchases to show husband. I hold up my three new items and say, “Honey – look, this is what $50 got me tonight.”

Husband: Disbelief rife on his face, “Ah, you’re kidding right?”

LJ: “No, this little bundle is worth $50.”

Husband: facial expression moves from disbelief to incredulity.

LJ: “Oh ya! And she threw in this free cosmetic bag!”

Husband: “Oh man . . . .”

. . .Fade to black . . .

I think that I’ve been talked into a Mary Kay Pedicure Party, ya wanna come?

On other news fronts – IT’S FRIDAY!!!!! Once again I find myself living for the weekends. The work places have been so weird lately that weekends give a small respite from it all. We have no plans – that I know of, but I know the husband wants to mow the lawn, and a serious burn on the bike. He hasn’t managed to get enough riding in lately. Too busy.

Oh the thought of the bike just dredges up stories from the crypt. I have never been a motorcycle enthusiast, but have married into it. T didn’t even introduce me to his motorcycle until we’d been dating for around 6 weeks. I was terrified! - and held on for dear life. That’s the part that T liked the most as we’d only just started holding hands.

I have since relaxed as a passenger. That is until he decides to race a fellow biker on the Malahat – he clocked himself at 200 Km (approximately 124 MPH). All I could do was hold on and pray that an innocent bee didn’t fly into our path and flip us end-to-end back to Victoria just like on the “Road Runner” cartoons. I was pretty sure that that would be all it took. The funny thing about bikers is that they love being egged on by each other. There seems to be a somewhat secret society amongst them. There’s the casual head nod on passing each other on the roads, but a total lack of acknowledgement towards Scooter drivers. In fact – I don’t think that Scooter drives are even in the know of this incognito riders sect. Here I find myself amongst the elite, learning all the esoteric handshakes and passwords. Don’t ask me what they are, or I’ll have to kill you.

All in all I think it’s going to be a good weekend - lawn, sun, gardening, being lazy, and playin’ a little “Rayman Arena” on the GameCube. I will also be sending fond thoughts to Laura-Jane who is moving digs this weekend. I offered to help . . . . but she refused.

Cheers and TGIF - LJ

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