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7:32 p.m. - 2004-04-26

Nothing to say

Shhhhhh!!! Don't tell the hubby, but my plans are in place for his 40th. Won't say anything more here for fear he'll suddenly take it upon himself to read my site. Which he rarely does unless he comes into his office when I'm writing it - then he pushes me away so he can read all the entries he's missed since the last time. Geesh! But I promise to fill you all in in due time.

I was so looking forward to the end of April and getting some BIG events out of the way (read: Scottish Pastor's Gala event and departure from the office). And it suddendly dawned on me today that this weekend IS May 1st and I launch into another busy month. This time planning the departure party for my boss. THAT's when I'll do some serious greiving. Not looking forward to May 31st AT ALL!! In the meantime I have to co-plan her "Old Fashioned Sunday School Picnic" at the lake. We've booked the shelter at Beaver Lake, now I've got to get the notices out to the Crosswalk (kid's Ministry) kids and Leaders and then the rest of the church family.

This event is going to be SOOOOO different then last Friday's evening. Two very different Pastor's - two totally different departures. One we met with excitement at turning over a new leaf and getting on with the art of living. The other one . . . . . great greiving and nashing of teeth. Guess which one I'm feeling? Needless-to-say - a Pastor of Children's and Families deserves the best darn kid friendly event we can put together - AND - it WILL be fun, because she is fun (Even if I need to buy stock in Kleenex to get me through the day)

On other front's I've been reading a certain other diaryland person's stuff and boy does that guy make me think. I hate that when that happens. One of the things that I've been really mulling over is 'why' I write on-line. What is it about writing publically privately? Or is it privately publically? Which ever - I'm sure you get my drift. I think what gives me the biggest thrill is checking my e-mail and guestbook to see if anyone has left a note. You go about writing - - stuff - - often just stuff, and people respond. People you've never met (for the most part) decide to take a chance and speak into your life. Sometimes good, sometimes great, sometimes things that just make you shake your head, but basically - you are just another person out there. You're someone who a total stranger feels comfortable enough to respond to.

I've said it before, but I truly have been blessed to meet (so-to-speak) the neatest people. I live for your notes. I can't wait to get to work early in the morning just to boot up my system and see if anyone has written anything new.

Is that crazy? Am I the only one? What does that say about our society? Have we (I) come into a time when we won't talk to our neighbour, but will chat for hours on-line, or write/read diaries to that we feel a part of our fellow man/woman?

I don't know. All I know is that I get a kick out doing this. I get a greater kick hearing from you all. All two of you who read me. (Does that sound pathetic enough or what?)

Ok, OK - I'm getting into a silly mood, I'd better sign off. Geesh - for someone who didn't have anything to say tonight . . . .

cheers - LJ

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