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8:01 a.m. - 2004-04-25

Plaid are us

Needless to say - we survived "Scottish" night. An extremely late night for T and I, after an extremely LONG day, but we survived.

I did end up wearing a kilt. A MAN's kilt!!! I was torn between total embarrassment and prancing around saying "Look at me, I'm wearing boys clothes!" (please remember that Iíve been sleep deprived, and stressed out Ė silly things take me over quite easily). As much as people encouraged me and said I looked great and Ďin the momentí - I still kinda felt like Shrek's girlfriend in plaid. Do you have any idea how much material is in a proper wool kilt???? I swear I could have clothed the Chamogo mogo tribe (Survivor - All Stars) in the amount of material that was in my one skirt! And still have enough to make ties for the crew! All those pleats . . . .

Iíll hopefully remember to tell you a few more details about the festivities soon.

Anyway - Saturday got us up (naturally) all to early, and T and I launched into working around the house. He gave up a fantastic day for a burn on the bike in aid of beautifying our residence. We actually went on a local road trip to find the right kind of River rocks to edge the front gardens. Do you know how hard it is to find the 'right' size of rock? At one point we even stopped at some unknown strangers (does that make it a double negative?) house to ask if we could take some of their rock/landfill? I'm almost thankful they weren't home. But no - we traipsed all the way out to Sidney-by-the-Sea, and found a Landscape material place with just the right hugeness and shape.

Home again, home again. Jiggity jig!

More later, right now Iíve got to get about my duties here at church for service.

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