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1:11 p.m. - 2004-04-19

Snail-mail, and Departures

I think I've said it before, but I've come to love snail-mail. The right kind of snail-mail. Not bills and flyers, but old-fashioned hand-written odes from friends or family. Today when I popped home lunch there was a wonderful mini Easter/Spring epistle from Laura-Jane. She loosely affiliated her work to Martha Stewart, but Laura-Jane's all that and a bag of chips, just no insider trading!

Thank you Laura-Jane. I loved it, and 'chick' arrived faultlessly! I have yet to figure out where you make the time.

Monday has arrived folks - another work week. On Monday's (Thursday's and Friday's) I work at/for my church. I'm the admin assistant in Children's Ministry. I love my job here, it is always an adventure. Last week had me painting garden signs for the next unit of teaching in our kids Sunday morning program. This week I'm launching into the next edition of our "Crosswalk Chronicle". That's the kids newsletter that I get out every couple of months. However, there is a tinge of sadness around here. You see the lady Pastor I work for is leaving. I've worked for her for four years and am loath to say good-bye. Who knows what kind of person will fill her shoes. AND mighty big shoes they are!! Who will be the one to crack the whip over my head? Who will be the one to spring last minute jobs on me that require me to pull rabbits out of non-existant hats (upon occaision I've had to be a miracle worker in gathering up things)? Who will cheers for the Canucks? Who will keep me raising the bar to make me a better person? Who? Who? Who? Litterally - only God knows.

I will miss her dreadfully. We have become close friends and associates over the years. She has truly been an inspiration for me as a Christian, and as a support.

I mustn't continue, or I'll really get on a sad tangent. She leaves us at the end of May, and I'm sure you'll hear more from me about it.

But if you know of any Children and Families Pastors out there looking for work - let me know.

I gotta run. Sorry if I seem a little scattered, but I'll do better tomorrow.

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