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4:11 p.m. - 2004-04-18

Simple Sunday

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. T HAD to go for a burn on the bike. Yes - that was me holding on for dear life. (Actually folk - I get a deep down exhileration boost when he goes fast). We rode out to the Ferry terminal to the Stonehouse Pub. I love that place - great food and a comfortable easy-going atmoshpere. GREAT homemade fries too!!

On the way back we took the least direct route we could find. There are so many beautiful waterfront houses out that way. It just makes me drool, but then I think about the upkeep and find myself quite content with our little rental house.

Home again now, quick (boring) entry, and off to play "Rayman" on Gamecube. Ain't life grand!!

Cheers - LJ

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